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Admissions FAQ

Our admissions process is straightforward and simple. You can call our number directly to speak with a compassionate and experienced representative or chat with someone live online directly from our website. Either way a representative can provide you with more information about our program and guide you through the admissions process.

Atlantic Recovery Center accepts most major insurances.

Atlantic Recovery Center is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families and accredited by the Joint Commission.

Atlantic Recovery Center can help work with you for any costs that would be out-of-pocket, whether you have insurance or not.

At Atlantic Recovery Center, we ensure every client is treated compassionately and as an individual, not just a number. Our owners and every director at our facility have been where you are now, and therefore know what it takes to live a happy, sober life. Our clinical environment and family-like atmosphere are all designed to give you the best foundation for your recovery.

When you enter rehab, it is important to prepare for an extended stay in treatment. Therefore, you should be prepared to bring any needed toiletries and belongings that you may need to feel comfortable during your recovery.

Our team runs a weekly family group, wherein they can speak to a staff member and understand more about treatment. We also highly encourage you to involve your family in your individual therapy sessions.

If your loved one is not ready to seek out the treatment themselves, we encourage you to call us today. Our admissions team can help guide you through this process and your potential options.

Our case management team is available to help you handle any pending legal issues while in our care.

Our staff will pick you up from the airport and bring you here to begin your intake process, as well as drop you off when treatment is over.

We suggest going through HR, and various programs may be available to you, such as short-term disability or FMLA.

Our treatment team and admissions team are experienced in aiding you through all hurdles associated with the decision to seek help.

You can tell them you are in treatment once you arrive, and our case management team can handle all needed paperwork and logistics that they require.

Clinical FAQ

At Atlantic Recovery Center, we offer group therapy, individual therapy, experiential therapy, CBT, DBT, and motivational interviewing programs.

5 hours a day, 7 days a week, 24/7 nursing and heavy medical practitioner attention, as well as sober and therapeutic activities and at minimum 1 1-on-1 per week.

ARC provides 12 Step support during our treatment. We know that the 12 Steps helped us during recovery, and we believe they will help you too.

Yes, we have professional medical professionals onsite at all times.

After you graduate from our residential program, we work with many nearby PHP and IOP treatment centers to ensure you can find continuing care beyond our residential program.

We do! We have a robust Facebook group and community of alumni, stay in contact with you, and throw alumni events/parties every month!

In cases where detox is needed, the process usually lasts between 5 and 7 days. Most times, if it isn’t medically necessary, you can enter straight into our residential program.

Our residential program usually lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 days on a strict case by case basis.

100%. HIPAA ensures that all treatment is entirely confidential.

You will meet with your primary therapist a minimum of once per week.

Yes – we have Psych ARNPs, Medical ARNPs, and PAs, and our Medical Director is an MD Psychiatrist.

Facility FAQ

Our semi-private bedrooms include comfortable beds, large TVs, and lots of closet space. 

Atlantic Recovery Center offers catered meals three times a day, a pool, gym equipment, private luxury space with only 8 beds, and snacks and drinks available 24/7

Technology use is handled on a case by case basis depending on what it’s needed for. Calls are able to be made daily. 

Yes – just not inside the facility or the housing.

At most, you will only have one additional roommate if the facility is at capacity. As our facility is only a 8-bed residential treatment center, we believe in having privacy and a high staff-to-patient ratio is highly beneficial to your recovery.

Yes. As you enter treatment you should be prepared for an extended stay. That includes any prescribed medications you may need during your stay.

Yes! Reading is a great way to relax during your stay.

The clinical team will work with you on being able to handle all outside responsibilities as needed.

You will be able to purchase what you need while under our care, as long as they are not contraband items.

The facility is co-ed, the rooms are gender-specific.

Yes – we allow pets if you have an ADA-registered service animal. The admissions team can always assist you with more questions or concerns regarding this.