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Teen Drug Rehab in South Florida

Anyone can be affected by an addiction, but one group that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves is teenagers. Though much of the attention is put on adult men and women when it comes to addiction treatment, teens face just as many, if not more problems than adults with addiction, and that’s why addiction treatment for teens is just as important as it is for adults. The trouble is that it takes a specialized rehab program to handle the unique struggles that teens face. 

There is no way to overcome addiction safely without the proper treatment. This means finding the right South Florida teen rehab center for your loved one. Atlantic Recovery Center (ARC) is here to help as a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab in Davie, Florida, we understand the ins and outs of addiction better than others, and we have programs directed specifically at teens to help them cope, learn the skills they need to get sober and support to help them stay sober once treatment ends. 

The first step to getting your teen help with their addiction is realizing that they have a problem. Teens may be more reluctant than adults to admit they have a problem and will often exhibit changes in their behavior to hide their drug use. You may feel like your teen is just being a “moody teenager,” but there may be other problems that they are dealing with that can contribute to drug use. 

Contact ARC today to learn more about our Florida addiction treatment center and how it can help teens and young adults overcome substance abuse.

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Facts and Statistics About Teen Drug Use in Florida

Florida has its own issues with teenage drug use. Here are some facts about teenage drug abuse in Florida that may surprise you. 

Marijuana was by far the most prevalent drug among teens surveyed. Teens aged 12 to 17 reported having used marijuana in the last month. Other drugs like opioids and cocaine were also surveyed in lower numbers. 

The second most common substance that is abused among teens is alcohol. Nearly 10% of all teens in Florida reported some level of alcohol use in the past year. This points to an issue with alcoholism and alcohol addiction among the teen population of Florida. 

What we also know from the information at hand is that many teens are pressured into using due to outside forces, and of those with an addiction issue, many also suffer from mental health concerns as well. We also know that, on average, treatment levels for teens are not high, meaning many teens are suffering without help. 

With the right treatment here at our facility at ARC, it is possible for teens to overcome their addiction and return to living a normal life. It is possible to recover and repair the damage that addiction causes. All you need to do is reach out for help today.

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The more that you learn about Atlantic Recovery Center, the more that you’ll see that our facility is for you. Since a rehab center is only as good as its services, our staff offers programs that meet your needs.

Unique Issues Teens Face With Addiction

When it comes to getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, teens are on average more vulnerable than adults. Though teens are less likely to be able to acquire substances like alcohol, they still face pressure to use and abuse. When combined with some of the unique struggles that teens face, it is easy to see why many turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place. 

One of the highest contributing factors to teen drug use is peer pressure from other teens. Essentially one teen gains access to drugs or alcohol and, through their social circle, pressures others to begin using. Because of social pressure, the stigma of being unliked or unpopular and self-esteem issues, many teens will begin using even if they initially showed no interest in using. 

This can be difficult for parents and friends to notice at first as use may be sparse. However, as use continues, it will become more frequent and noticeable to those outside the teen’s social circle. This is when negative effects from the addition can start to surface as well. If you notice that your teen is rapidly changing their behavior, this may be a sign that it is time to get them help for an addiction. 

Another issue that is closely tied to addiction in teens is the experience of trauma. Whether it is an accident, crime, a problem at home, or some other event, many teens experience some traumatic event that can be difficult for them to cope with. These types of events can take years of therapy to overcome, and in the absence of proper therapy or anyone to talk to, teens may turn to drugs or alcohol. 

It’s important to remember that teens are still growing mentally and emotionally at this point in their lives, and these types of events can leave long-lasting scars. Even seemingly common events like parental divorce, changing of school, or social circles can be enough stress to cause a teen to turn to drugs or alcohol. 

One fact that not all parents may know is that teens are prone to have some form of mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety. These disorders can sometimes be triggered by stress or life events, but at other times there are no noticeable signs or triggers for the onset of mental health disorders. When a teen is dealing with an undiagnosed or untreated mental health issue, it makes them more likely to use drugs and alcohol and to become addicted. 

Mental health disorders are often accompanied by changes in behavior, such as neglecting hygiene, distancing oneself from family and friends, sudden mood swings, and other changes. If you notice any of these behaviors in your teen, you may want to check in on them and see if they are having any episodes or are dealing with anything that is harming their mental health.

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Let Atlantic Recovery Center Help Your Teen With Their Addiction

As hard as it is to face the fact that your teen may have an addiction, it is even more difficult to watch the effects of addiction on their life and future. If you believe your teen may have an alcohol or drug addiction, then now is the time to get them help. Atlantic Recovery Center is the teen drug rehab in South Florida you need. 

Our program works to isolate the underlying causes of your teen’s addiction and help them develop all the skills they need to live without drugs or alcohol. We work with each client on an individual basis and tailor the therapy to their unique needs. Once treatment is complete, we can recommend programs for continuing care to keep your teen on the path to sobriety. 

The time is now, don’t let addiction win and continue to harm your teen. Contact Atlantic Recovery Center today!