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Addiction and Your Physical Health

Addiction and Your Physical Health

Substance abuse can have a devastating short and long-term effect on the body. More specifically, addiction can lead to heart, liver, and stomach problems, as well as health issues related to the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems. For this reason, it is important to address addiction and your physical health.

Pandemics such as the coronavirus can cause infections that aggravate health issues you may already currently have. So, if you currently have an addiction, then you should seek treatment at a rehab center right away. Getting help at a treatment center can help your body to heal and give you the strength you need to handle a virus such as COVID-19.

Risk of Infection for Those in Recovery

If you have an addiction and are considering going through detox, then you should be aware of the risks. When your body is going through detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Elevated heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Hallucinations or confusion
  • Cold chills or fever
  • Seizures

Withdrawal symptoms can weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus. Therefore, if you plan to go through detox, then get professional treatment at a detox center. A detox facility offers a wide range of medical services to help you get through detox safely.

Addiction and Your Physical Health During a Pandemic

Addiction or dependency can become a serious problem during a pandemic. If you experience isolation, boredom, anxiety, or depression, you may be tempted to turn to a substance to self-medicate or pass the time. The more isolated you become for longer periods, the more likely you are to increase your intake. This can lead to serious health problems or risk of isolation.

Although the coronavirus also presents some health risks, it is not near as dangerous as an overdose or alcohol poisoning. So, if you have a severe problem, and you need help right away, do not hesitate to contact your local treatment center to explore your treatment options.

Taking Care of Yourself During Quarantine

If you are able to manage your addiction or have someone at home who can keep you accountable to stay clean, then you should use this time to focus on recovering from your addiction and your physical health. There are several ways that you can take of yourself that include:

  • Eating healthy and sticking to a meal schedule
  • Getting seven to eight hours of sleep per day
  • Limiting your exposure to the news, social media, or other stresses
  • Exercising or physical activity
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation

In addition, you can also stay in touch with your sponsor or someone in your alumni program. You may also be able to engage in online services such as video therapy sessions or online support groups if you are currently in rehab.

Balancing Social Distancing with Interaction

Right now, all public health officials are urging people to practice social distancing. This means creating space between you and those around you. while social distancing is beneficial to lower the risk of coronavirus, it can be dangerous for someone in recovery. Isolation and quarantine can trigger a relapse if a person is alone for too long.

For help with your addiction and your physical health, call Atlantic Recovery Center at 1-866-824-5193.