The end of your rehab program is the beginning of your new life. But you should not go into that new life alone. As you learn in your residential addiction treatment center in Davie, FL, everyone needs positive support around them to succeed in long-term recovery. That is the purpose of your Atlantic Recovery Center alumni program.

Your recovery evolves over time. There is no such thing as the “same old, same old” routine in life, much less in a clean and sober lifestyle. You always need a safety net of support and guidance toward what matters most, for those moments when you feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed, or just unsure of what to do next. Your alumni support program ensures you have that support you can rely on, a circle of people who understand your life journey.

You Need Ongoing Support, No Matter How Strong You Feel

Many people coming out of rehab feel invincible. But no one is invincible, or relapse rates would not be so high. It is the feeling that you can manage everything on your own that causes problems in sobriety. Unfortunately, too few people take advantage of the rehab alumni program available to them.

Alumni support programs provide some of the most effective rehab aftercare programs available after rehab. The main goal of these programs is to help you stay strong in recovery. Your strength comes from forming new relationships and maintaining older ones with people also living a sober life. Through your alumni program in Davie, FL, you stay connected and active in the recovery community that supports you most, the one where you received treatment.

Through your Atlantic Recovery Center alumni program, you connect with people at all stages of recovery. Some are fresh to sobriety, just like you. Others have maintained a clean lifestyle for years. By accessing resources among these caring people, you have the support you need to sustain your recovery.

How do Alumni Programs Work?

When you complete your addiction treatment program at Atlantic Recovery Center in Davie, FL, you have the chance to join your alumni program in Davie, FL. This program connects you with an extensive network of other ARC clients. They empower you to keep reaching for your goals and stay in the recovery you worked so hard to achieve. Above all else, your alumni community is a safe place for you to continue learning and growing.

One of the first things you receive from your ARC alumni program in Davie, FL is a list of available events and meetings. These alumni program events can include:

  • Sober social events
  • Weekly meetings
  • Social media groups and sharing
  • Support network
  • Fun activities and outings

The basic idea behind an alumni program in Davie, FL is a connection with recovery peers. Through this connection, you build relationships with other sober people and maintain your sobriety with the support you need. Even more importantly, an alumni director stays in touch with you to check on you and provide help or guidance. If you need support, you can contact them, too.

Rehab Is Only the Beginning

Recovery is a lifelong journey. You hear this throughout rehab but realize it clearly in your early days following treatment. Rehab empowers you to stay sober by teaching you coping and life skills. But from there, you must make the choice to use those skills and lean on the support system around you.

Learn more about the alumni program and other support provided by Atlantic Recovery Center in Davie, FL. Treatment at ARC includes:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Alumni and aftercare programs
  • Family-style approach in an intimate setting
  • Individualized treatment
  • Detox program partnership
  • Union worker and professionals’ programs

No one should ever have to face addiction recovery alone or without experienced support with an understanding of their recovery journey. At Atlantic Recovery Center, you receive built-in support from treatment professionals and other clients at all stages of recovery. Thanks to the alumni program, you always have supportive people to lean on. Start your journey into healthy, supported recovery today by calling Atlantic Recovery Center at (855) 875-0664.