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We care about our Alumni and want to make sure you have long term support through our Alumni Program. It doesn’t matter if you came to one of our programs for addiction treatment or if you are a family member, we want to be here for you!

Staying connected with others in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most important things you can do to be successful in your recovery long term. We have a 24/7 support line available for anyone who wants to talk. We have a variety of Alumni events and activities to support you and your family members with your ongoing recovery.

  • Social Media Groups
  • Recovery Speakers
  • Family Events
  • Alumni Reunions
  • Recovery Workshops
  • Recovery Retreats
  • Life Coaching
  • Recovery Coaching

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The end of your rehab program is the beginning of your new life. But you should not go into that new life alone. As you learn in your residential addiction treatment center in Davie, FL, everyone needs positive support around them to succeed in long-term recovery. That is the purpose of your Atlantic Recovery Center alumni program.Rehab Alumni Program

Your recovery evolves over time. There is no such thing as the “same old, same old” routine in life, much less in a clean and sober lifestyle. You always need a safety net of support and guidance toward what matters most, for those moments when you feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed, or just unsure of what to do next. Your alumni support program ensures you have that support you can rely on, a circle of people who understand your life journey.


Many people coming out of rehab feel invincible. But no one is invincible, or relapse rates would not be so high. It is the feeling that you can manage everything on your own that causes problems in sobriety. Unfortunately, too few people take advantage of the rehab alumni program available to them.

Alumni support programs provide some of the most effective rehab aftercare programs available after rehab. The main goal of these programs is to help you stay strong in recovery. Your strength comes from forming new relationships and maintaining older ones with people also living a sober life. Through your alumni program in Davie, FL, you stay connected and active in the recovery community that supports you most, the one where you received treatment.

Through your Atlantic Recovery Center alumni program, you connect with people at all stages of recovery. Some are fresh to sobriety, just like you. Others have maintained a clean lifestyle for years. By accessing resources among these caring people, you have the support you need to sustain your recovery.


When you complete your addiction treatment program at Atlantic Recovery Center in Davie, FL, you have the chance to join your alumni program in Davie, FL. This program connects you with an extensive network of other ARC clients. They empower you to keep reaching for your goals and stay in the recovery you worked so hard to achieve. Above all else, your alumni community is a safe place for you to continue learning and growing.

One of the first things you receive from your ARC alumni program in Davie, FL is a list of available events and meetings. These alumni program events can include:

  • Sober social events
  • Weekly meetings
  • Social media groups and sharing
  • Support network
  • Fun activities and outings

The basic idea behind an alumni program in Davie, FL is a connection with recovery peers. Through this connection, you build relationships with other sober people and maintain your sobriety with the support you need. Even more importantly, an alumni director stays in touch with you to check on you and provide help or guidance. If you need support, you can contact them, too.


Recovery is a lifelong journey. You hear this throughout rehab but realize it clearly in your early days following treatment. Rehab empowers you to stay sober by teaching you coping and life skills. But from there, you must make the choice to use those skills and lean on the support system around you.

Learn more about the alumni program and other support provided by Atlantic Recovery Center in Davie, FL. Treatment at ARC includes:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Alumni and aftercare programs
  • Family-style approach in an intimate setting
  • Individualized treatment
  • Detox program partnership
  • Union worker and professionals’ programs

No one should ever have to face addiction recovery alone or without experienced support with an understanding of their recovery journey. At Atlantic Recovery Center, you receive built-in support from treatment professionals and other clients at all stages of recovery. Thanks to the alumni program, you always have supportive people to lean on. Start your journey into healthy, supported recovery today by calling Atlantic Recovery Center at 1-866-824-5193.

When you graduate from high school or college, you become an alumnus, meaning that you have joined others who successfully received their diplomas. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we believe that your accomplishments in recovery deserve similar recognition. You also may find it useful to stay in touch with other “graduates” from our substance abuse treatment programs. By participating in our alumni program in Florida, you can do just that. Having support from an alumni program can be a great asset to your recovery and can help provide the guidance you need for after treatment.


Most of our clients leave recovery feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally than they have in a long time. However, it is important to remember that recovery continues long after you leave the Atlantic Recovery Center. Our aftercare programs address the challenges faced when you return to the pressures and challenges of living a drug-free life on your own.

Our alumni program has become increasingly popular among clients who need help transitioning back to their regular life with confidence. In our alumni program, those with years of clean living interact with more recent graduates of our recovery programs. We focus on connecting you with the existing recovery community so that you can receive support and companionship on your continuing journey to recovery, even after you have left our treatment center.


At Atlantic Recovery Center, our clients get used to hearing that recovery begins a journey you will continue throughout your lifetime. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs empower you to continue a life of sobriety by teaching you important life skills. However, you may leave wondering where you can turn for help. By participating in our alumni program, you choose a life of healing and productivity and gain the support of your peers who are striving for the same goals.

If you are just beginning your recovery, you can learn more about our effective individualized treatment approaches, including:

When you come to Atlantic Recovery Center, we spend time diagnosing your substance abuse disorder to set you up with the programs that can benefit you the most in your treatment and recovery. We provide treatment for you at all stages of your journey, from beginning to end.


An alumni program connects clients with staff members who guided them through recovery. This continuity assists you as you gain the confidence to make good decisions about your life. Additionally, it increases your accountability when you know someone cares deeply about your continued success.

From workshops to group sessions, an alumni program can act as an essential resource in your long-term recovery strategy.

When you leave the structure of our drug treatment programs, you may find that you need extra support to keep up with your daily routine. Our aftercare programs help many clients find the determination to overcome their fears and avoid a relapse. Even if you do relapse, an alumni program can help you work through that stage of recovery as well and help you get back on track for lifelong recovery.


Contact the Atlantic Recovery Center at 1-866-824-5193 today to find out more about our detox and recovery programs and how we can help you. If you have already completed your recovery program, then congratulations! Join other clients recovering from drug and alcohol use disorder through an alumni program and look forward to a future of unlimited possibilities without addiction.


It most likely took you years to develop your addiction. Therefore, you will not be able to overcome your condition in just a few weeks. It will take time to develop the habits that are necessary for recovery. You need to safeguard yourself against relapse when you are triggered to fall back into your addiction. Treatment specialists often emphasize the importance of an aftercare program because it will help keep you on track once your initial therapy has ended. The benefits of an alumni program may surprise you. To learn more about alumni program options, contact Atlantic Recovery Center today at 1-866-824-5193


Alumni programs are designed to provide a vast network of support for you during your recovery. In our alumni programs, you can draw encouragement and accountability from multiple sources. They may include continuing support groups, such as 12 step programs and non-12 step groups.

Additionally, Atlantic Recovery Center offers extensive therapy options to help you in your recovery after rehab. As such, you continue to learn new coping mechanisms when you come up against new challenges. An alumni program can be vital to your success for many reasons.


Like any disease, the symptoms of addiction can return at any time. A stressful situation, conducive environment, or an old friend may trigger you and cause you to relapse back into your substance use. Even if you are clean for several months, a trigger can reverse everything that you have worked hard to achieve.

Alumni programs give you the support to keep going when you feel weak. You can also turn to an addiction companion or your support group who can hold you accountable. Ongoing addiction therapy can give you the tools you need to make it from week to week.


Today’s treatment programs focus on more than the addiction. A therapist may assess your condition and discover that you have a mental health issue. In that case, we give you the tools to combat both using dual diagnosis treatment. We can address a wide array of conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD

In addition, the therapist may identify areas where you need personal growth. For example, if you have a bad diet or do not exercise, your counselor may recommend a healthy diet or fitness program to help you recover.

An alumni program also provides a wide range of programs and plans that help you grow and develop as a person. Instead of just rising above your addiction, you may find out what you are truly capable of as you succeed in your career, family relationships, finances, and overall well-being.


In most cases, individuals who participate in an aftercare program make a smooth transition from detox and therapy back into normal life successfully. When you complete your initial therapy, you may feel on top of the world. However, getting back into your career or family life can be a bit intimidating.

An alumni program allows you to gradually transition back into work, family, and personal life without jarring you. You have the ability to get the support you need from others as you face the stresses of daily living.


Whether you are looking for continued therapy or you need a program that you can work into your personal and professional life, an aftercare program provides you with this flexibility. You do not have to worry about choosing between your treatment and the rest of your life. Meet with your therapist to develop a program that works for you.

You can also find private support groups that meet throughout the city of Fort Lauderdale. In addition, you can also schedule time with your therapist into your week. Although continued treatment is not always easy, it can become a part of your lifestyle. You do not have to choose one or the other. Meet with your therapist to see what works for you.


If you would like to learn more about the importance of an alumni program in your recovery, contact Atlantic Recovery Center today. We provide addiction treatment and more services that work regardless of your lifestyle. Call us at 1-866-824-5193 to find out more about your treatment options.