Why Depression and Alcoholism are So Commonly Associated

The dangers of depression and alcoholism are very potent because these two issues feed off of each other in a way that can seem impossible to escape. It becomes a cyclical process where someone drinks because they’re depressed, struggle in life as a result of their drinking, and are ultimately depressed because they drink. As…


How to Fight Addiction Stigmas

Addiction stigmas are still a common problem throughout the recovery community. Sadly, these misconceptions can make a person’s addiction treatment process much harder. Thankfully, more people are fighting these stigmas every day. Addiction Stigmas are Still a Major Problem Although advances in medical science have expanded the understanding of addiction and how it begins and sustains, many people…

a therapist talks to her patient about benefiting from individualized care

Start Benefiting From Individualized Care for Your Issues

p For many years, the stigma attached to the idea of needing counseling to deal with problems caused many people to suffer in silence needlessly. As things change, more individuals now realize that there’s no reason they shouldn’t start benefiting from individualized care to treat their problems. Seeking professional treatment can be the catalyst for making…