Dealing with addiction is one of the hardest undertakings that many people ever deal with in their lives. However, how do they deal with addiction and avoid relapse? One of the best ways is to address the root cause of addiction in therapy. As a result, addiction treatment therapies offer the best chance of managing addiction.

Addiction Treatment Therapiesmale therapist talks to patient in one of his addiction treatment therapies

What makes the drug and alcohol rehab programs Davie, FL has so great? The answer lies in the therapies that a facility offers. In truth, therapy plays a big role in helping people overcome addiction.

Firstly, counseling helps people identify and deal with the root cause of addiction. This step is crucial in helping them prevent relapse. Also, therapy teaches people how to manage stress, which is another way to prevent relapse. However, what kind of therapies should a rehab facility provide?

Family Therapy

Family therapy is among the best addiction treatment therapies Davie, FL offers. The reason is that it doesn’t just focus on individuals in substance abuse treatment. It also focuses on their closest friends and family members. In fact, family therapy helps them understand addiction and the challenges that their loved ones face.

Why is understanding addiction so important? One reason is that a lack of understanding typically leads to a breakdown in communication. Without communication, family members can’t support one another in healthy, constructive ways.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is yet another vital part of rehab. To illustrate, group therapy builds a support system that isn’t possible during individual counseling. While this doesn’t mean that individual therapy isn’t important, it does mean that there’s much to gain from group counseling.

During group therapy, people get to talk and interact with others who struggle with the same problems. By sharing stories, they learn that they aren’t alone. Also, they learn new ways to deal with their issues and how to help others.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most popular and helpful therapies for addiction recovery. In fact, the goal behind CBT is to help individuals change negative ways of thinking in order to change negative behaviors. In regard to addiction, drug abuse is a negative behavior.

For example, forming healthy relationships is one of the goals of effective rehab. However, people can’t form healthy relationships with others unless they have a healthy relationship with themselves. CBT helps them achieve that by developing more positive thinking.

Holistic Therapy

Sometimes, overcoming addiction requires more than just a clinical approach. As a result, holistic therapy plays an essential role in helping people manage the disease. For instance, it teaches them how to manage stress during and after rehab.

Of course, there are many types of holistic therapy. Something as simple as yoga or meditation can help people reduce stress. Best of all, they can even use these activities to avoid relapse.

Atlantic Recovery Center Wants You to Get the Most Out of Rehab

When it’s time to look for addiction treatment therapies Davie, FL has, there’s a lot to consider. If you want a location that uses a range of therapies, visit Atlantic Recovery Center. We use a variety of services in each of our programs, which include:

Of course, there’s more to finding the perfect rehab center than just looking for addiction treatment therapies. It’s just as important to look for a rehab center that has friendly staff. At Atlantic Recovery Center, our staff puts your needs first so that you feel right at home.

Don’t settle for rehab centers that underestimate the value of therapy. Get the most out of your time in rehab with addiction treatment therapies that you can count on. Start your fight against addiction today when you call Atlantic Recovery Center at (855) 875-0664.