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What is the Role of an Alumni Recovery Program?

Entering rehab is one of the first steps in receiving the proper care and treatment for drug addiction or substance abuse. It ensures the individual is given access to the tools, educational materials, support, medication, guidance, and other resources necessary for addiction recovery.

And while completing rehab is a major step toward living a drug-free life, it’s often viewed as the start of treatment – or at least the start of the real test, where everything you’ve been taught is exposed to the real world. It’s during this time that people either stay dedicated or relapse. 

In fact, some studies suggest that up to 60% of those who receive treatment at a rehab facility will relapse within 30 days of leaving. That’s why most rehab facilities take extreme measures to improve and reinforce their relapse prevention techniques and methods. 

What is Aftercare in Recovery?

In recovery, aftercare refers to an individual’s continued care and treatment after completing their initial rehab program. The primary purpose of aftercare is to ensure the individual remains dedicated to a life without drugs and to monitor their progress post-treatment.

Aftercare comes in many different forms and can be achieved in various ways, but it’s usually tailored to meet the individual patient’s unique needs. With aftercare treatment, professionals can maintain a healthy relationship with their patients even after they leave rehab.

Those that choose to partake in aftercare treatment can expect to check in with a counselor regularly, attend social gatherings, volunteer at local establishments, attend therapy sessions with other former rehab residents, and complete a 12-step program – all of which are worth it!

While relapsing after an initial treatment program is common, aftercare treatment can significantly reduce the risks. Contact Atlantic Recovery Center today to learn more about our South Florida rehab programs.

What is the Role of an Alumni Recovery Program?

When most individuals complete rehab treatment, they’re often thrown right back into society – where they’re asked to return to a normal life after months of what many might consider chaos. For some, this transition is a piece of cake. For others, it’s a nightmare that leads to relapse. 

The primary role of a South Florida alumni recovery program is to prevent relapse. They do this by inviting past patients – those who have already completed rehab – to engage in numerous social gatherings and activities throughout the year. For example, this might include: 

  • Food-related gatherings (restaurants, buffets, brunches, food tastings, cookouts, etc.)
  • Online-related gatherings (Facebook groups, online chat rooms, group messages, video chat sessions)
  • Nature-related activities (hiking, camping, glamping, cycling, retreats, traveling, resorts, etc.)
  • Charity-related activities (volunteering, community service, etc.)
  • Sports-related activities (joining sports leagues, attending sports games, bowling, fitness or exercise events, etc.)
  • Movie nights, arts and crafts, and anything else designed to bring people together without the use of drugs, alcohol, or other harmful substances

The social gatherings are meant to motivate and inspire patients to continue down their road to recovery. It keeps them connected to like-minded and like-experienced individuals and the professionals who helped them through treatment. It’s an enlightening experience for all.

How Can Aftercare Help Avoid Relapses?

A recovery alumni program is key to preventing relapses and ensuring patients remain down the right path after completing treatment. As much as we love our patients at Atlantic Recovery Center, we sincerely hope we don’t see any of our patients enter our rehab program again. 

With that said, we take aftercare treatment very seriously and make an honest effort to be a part of our patient’s lives post-treatment. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Aftercare helps patients transition back to a normal life successfully
  • Aftercare effectively helps reduce relapse rates
  • Aftercare helps patients maintain close relationships with those that helped them overcome addiction
  • Aftercare ensures patients continue to receive access to important educational materials and professionals
  • Aftercare ensures patients are taking part in fun and exciting events regularly
  • Aftercare helps patients find work and school opportunities post-rehab
  • Aftercare helps keep patients honest and holds them accountable post-rehab

Aftercare treatment is a necessary chapter in any addiction recovery story and can be the difference between living a drug-free life and falling back to your old habits. If you want to ensure your needs are being met, find a rehab facility that offers a quality alumni recovery program. 

Finding an Alumni Recovery Program in South Florida

Are you interested in learning more about aftercare treatment and why it’s necessary for relapse prevention? Are you looking for a proven and experienced rehab facility with an elaborate recovery alumni program? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, contact us today!

At Atlantic Recovery Center, we offer substance abuse and mental health treatment in South Florida for residents in need. From residential treatment to extended residential treatment, aftercare treatment, and our alumni program – Atlantic Recovery Center has everything you need.
Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our rehab facility and the programs we offer or to schedule a tour and see it all for yourself. We look forward to speaking with you!

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