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5 Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment for Addiction

What are the Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment

Addiction does not discriminate when it comes to age or gender. Many men and women find themselves trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction. The effects themselves differ in how it affects each gender. It helps to go through the experience of rehab with others like you who can relate to being in similar circumstances. Below you will find some benefits of gender specific treatment offered at Atlantic Recovery Center.

1. It Helps Lower Barriers and Fears of Judgment

Research has shown that women are often more hesitant and fearful about seeking treatment than men. They feel shame at some of the experiences they may have ended up in as a result of their addiction. It makes it harder for them to be vulnerable and open in front of men.

A lot of women have reluctance getting into issues around physical, emotional, and sexual abuse they experienced while under the influence. Many fear men passing judgment on their choices.

Men may also feel embarrassment at some of the depths they sunk to because of their addiction. They may have fears of seeming weak by exposing their vulnerability in front of women. A lot of men do not want to reveal what they consider moral failings like cheating, abusing a partner, or putting their family at risk.

One benefit of gender specific treatment is that it helps men and women feel less judged. That typically makes them feel more comfortable going into detail about what they have been through during their addiction.

2. You Get Help Specific to Your Gender

Men and women often have gender-specific issues that need addressing in recovery. For women, it could be because they are pregnant at the same time they are going through treatment. Men can discuss the societal expectations that come with their gender and how they played a role in their addiction. That can include various aspects of their job, whether they are providing enough for their family, and feelings of inadequacy when they compare themselves to other males.

3. There Are Fewer Distractions

Mixed-gender rehabs always bring the potential of a romantic distraction. That can be detrimental to each person making progress towards being sober. They can be in danger of losing focus on what should be meaningful, which is learning the tools needed to facilitate recovery once each person leaves the treatment program.

Another benefit of gender specific treatment is that women often feel less of a need to look or behave in a certain way without men around. They may be more assertive or let themselves come to group sessions in a more natural state. Men may feel less of a tendency to keep up a masculine facade and let themselves give in entirely to the recovery process.

4. It Can Be Easier to Relate to Each Other

Gender specific treatment provides the opportunity for men and women to bond over their shared experiences. They also get a chance to grow and learn as they travel the path of recovery together. Many gender specific programs involve attending activities that help strengthen those connections outside of traditional group therapy. The chance to create lifelong ties is one of the most significant benefits of gender specific treatment.

5. People Tend to Be More Comfortable

Gender specific rehabs often increase the comfort level of an individual. The more they feel able to relax, the higher a person’s chances are of absorbing the lessons from the treatment program. That leaves them in a better place when the time comes to leave the facility and put those new skills into practice. Many find themselves with a better understanding of how their gender affected their actions and decisions in the real world.

Experience the Benefits of Gender Specific Treatment at Atlantic Recovery Center

Atlantic Recovery Center offers clients the chance to begin an addiction treatment program with others of the same gender.

Below is a list of some treatment programs we offer.

Learn more about the benefits of gender specific recovery by contacting us at 1-866-824-5193.