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underage alcohol abuse

Long-Term Effects of Underage Alcohol Abuse

Underage alcohol abuse can have serious consequences. Although alcohol is legal and available to those over the age of 21, it can cause significant changes in the body of an adolescent. Underage alcohol abuse can result in a number of long-term consequences including: Physical problems Unintended, unwanted, or unprotected sexual activity Alcohol-related car crashes…

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quitting cold turkey

Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey

There are many reasons drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers exist, and one of the most important is to help clients survive detox and withdrawal. While this may sound alarmist, it isn’t really. It’s quite possible to die from complications of withdrawal, especially if alcohol or opioids are involved. And even if you survive, this…

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signs of codependency

5 Signs of Codependency

Codependency is a condition that affects your emotions and behavior. It’s a learned disorder that’s typically passed down through generations and is often a result of alcoholism or drug abuse in families. Adult children of alcoholics are prone to codependency, for instance. This is a condition that’s debilitating in many ways, yet if you have…

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