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College Students And Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse among college students has skyrocketed in recent times. This is due to various factors, key among them being the availability of prescription drugs such as Adderall. Students and drug abuse aren’t a new topic, but it is important to consider why the use of prescription drugs has become so prevalent in college.

College life can be very stressful, but turning to drug use is not a great coping mechanism. Long term use of prescription drugs may lead to addiction. Luckily, Atlantic Recovery Center offers a variety of treatment programs to help you or your loved one get better.

Why Prescription Drug Abuse Has Become Prevalent Among College Students

College life is one of the most crucial stages for every young adult trying to succeed in life. For many students, college is one of the first places they get to experience true independence. But these students face mounting pressure to study and adapt to college life.

Students and drug abuse often begin as innocent experimentation. But this can later turn to drug addiction, especially if there is long-term use of a particular drug. Some of the reasons why prescription drug abuse has become so prevalent include:

  • Peer pressure and in attempts to fit in
  • Availability of prescription drugs
  • The belief that certain drugs such as Adderall help one study better
  • The need to unwind from stress
  • The rise in popularity of study drugs

The use of prescription drugs for non-medical reasons can be deadly, especially when combined with other drugs such as alcohol. This may even lead to alcohol addiction. Fortunately, our facility offers an alcohol addiction recovery program.

How to Know When to Seek Help

Taking prescription drugs such as Adderall for non-medical reasons can have very harmful effects on the body. Adderall abuse can cause restlessness and may negatively affect one’s sleeping pattern. But the most serious effect of Adderall abuse is addiction. Adderall is a schedule II drug, which means that one can easily get addicted after a short period of time.

But you or your loved one can make a full recovery. Here is one of the signs to look out for if you or your loved one need help:

  • Inability to function without taking prescription drugs or Adderall
  • Needing larger and larger doses of a particular drug
  • The onset of withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness
  • Erratic behavior and aggression
  • Chronic headaches, insomnia, and cardiac trouble

Prescription drug abuse negatively impacts countless college students. It is important to know when to seek help as this is the first step towards recovery. As a college student, prescription drug addiction can derail your life. But our prescription medication addiction treatment program can help you get back on track.

Atlantic Recovery Center’s Programs for Students and Drug Abuse

Our staff recognizes that students and drug abuse are a serious issue. This is why we have established programs designed for prescription drug addiction treatment. There are also non-residential treatment programs that will help you recover as you continue with your studies.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Group therapy program: The goal of this program is to provide you with a safe environment where you can share your experiences with like-minded individuals and begin the healing process.
  • Prescription medication addiction treatment program: Our licensed medical professionals will do everything they can to help you recover from prescription drug addiction.
  • Alcohol addiction treatment program: In some cases, college students use both prescription drugs and alcohol simultaneously. This program helps individuals who were also addicted to alcohol make the first step towards recovery.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This program focuses on helping you reassess how your thoughts and attitudes lead to negative behavior. Our therapist will work with you to help you make positive changes to how you think, feel, and behave.

Recover at Atlantic Recovery Center Today

If you or a loved one are a college student who is struggling with substance abuse, it is important to remember that you can always seek help. Simply reach out to Atlantic Recovery Center today via 1-866-824-5193 and let our addiction professionals help you recover from prescription drug addiction.