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The Cost of Drinking Can Be Devastating

Alcohol abuse is one of the most devastating health problems impacting the nation today. Sadly, few people truly understand the financial cost of drinking — not just in terms of how much money a person who’s addicted to alcohol spends, but in terms of the overall cost to society. Along with the direct financial toll to individuals who drink frequently, there are a lot of indirect expenses as well, as governments pay to enforce drunk driving laws, alcohol education, and other programs to help combat the negative effects of alcohol use.

The Cost of Drinking Broken Down

When examining the cost of drinking, it is enlightening to look at a breakdown of the financial impact that it has on the country and various states. The statistics here can be disturbing for many because they are often much higher than people anticipate. As a result, it is crucial to look through these topics to get an idea of how damaging drinking and substance abuse has become to the American economy:

  • Excessive alcohol use costs nearly $300 billion in the country or almost $3.00 per drink taken
  • Two of every five dollars paid by the federal government is paid to these costs
  • 72 percent of these costs are due to lost workplace productivity due to hangovers and sick days
  • Healthcare expenses for people with alcohol abuse disorders cost billions every year
  • Each state in the nation pays at least $2-3 billion every year on alcohol-related costs, including legal expenses and healthcare needs

All of these costs add up in significant ways and can be very damaging to the economy, as this amount of money could be better spent funding education or combating homelessness. Even worse, the average American is paying thousands of dollars on these issues, even if they don’t drink a drop of alcohol. As a result, it is critical to not only pay attention to these monetary costs but the impact that alcohol abuse can cause to your health. This health impact can be life-threatening, prohibitively costly from a financial standpoint, and can affect personal relationships as well.

The Cost to Your Health

Those who talk about the costs of drinking don’t always discuss how it impacts a person’s health. Unfortunately, these costs are the ones that they should be focusing on the most because they are the most troubling. Just a few health problems that you may develop as a result of drinking – and end up paying to treat – include heart disease, various forms of cancer, liver disease, addiction, and family issues. All of these costs are much too high for you to pay. Instead, you should get help from a high-quality rehab specialist to walk back from addiction. These experts fully understand the impact that this health problem can have on a person and will do what they can to help you recover. The cost of drinking isn’t one that you have to pay alone if you’re willing to get help from specialists who do care about you. Ideally, people struggling with alcohol addiction will seek help before health issues become a factor; however, many people are unwilling to admit that they have a drinking problem until they experience the negative effects of frequent drinking.

Don’t Pay These Costs

If the cost of drinking frightens you and you want to make sure that you are protected, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Atlantic Recovery Center. When you call 1-866-824-5193, you get connected to a caring counselor who can find a care plan that works for you. And our sober living environment is small, family-oriented, and designed to help people like you. So please verify your insurance and let us help.