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Dangers of Binge Drinking in College

Many people drink more than they intended to at some point in their lives. Binge drinking is defined as when women drink more than four drinks in two hours, or when men drink more than five in the same time period. Drinking in this way can be dangerous, and it’s common for college students to fall victim to binge drinking. Peer pressure and an underdeveloped sense of the consequences of binge drinking can contribute to this problem. Not only is binge drinking hard on the body, but it can also be the beginning of a long-term problem with alcohol abuse. Alcohol is an addictive substance, and drinking too much on a regular basis can cause the body to develop a tolerance and dependence on it. Even if it stops after college, binge drinking is a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored and requires treatment. In short, no one should be binge drinking, whether in college or at other times in life. However, if you are struggling with alcohol and addiction problems, there is effective treatment available. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we can help you stop binge drinking and reduce the harm that it’s causing to your body.

What Are the Main Dangers of Binge Drinking?

The biggest dangers of binge drinking are the damages that can be done to your body. Alcohol abuse and addiction, also known as alcoholism, can cause changes in the brain. Alcoholism can lead to memory loss, issues with the liver and kidneys, heart disease, and cancer. And alcohol addiction can form more quickly than you might think.

The danger of binge drinking is that your body can quickly develop a tolerance to large amounts of alcohol. Binging behavior is unhealthy, and it’s a form of alcohol abuse, but it’s also setting you up for the potential of other problems. Blacking out can easily happen from binging, and if that occurs you might not remember what you did or where you went. This increases the potential for risky or dangerous behavior, such as driving under the influence. For college students, binge drinking could lead to mistakes they will regret for a long time.

How Can You Find the Right Program to Help?

One of the best ways to reduce the dangers of binge drinking is to find an addiction treatment program that will give you the help and support you’re looking for to succeed. Rather than take the risk of hoping you can fight through alcohol addiction on your own, it’s much better to focus on getting the proper help you need to stop alcohol abuse and be healthier in the future. Many people don’t realize the true dangers of binge drinking until something bad happens to them or someone they care about. However, seeking out treatment before you reach rock bottom can help you recover sooner. At an addiction treatment center, you can focus on getting healthy through effective, evidence-based treatment therapy. At Atlantic Recovery Center, some of the ways we can help you get healthy again include:

  • Individualized approach
  • Newly added residential program
  • Focus on aftercare
  • Smaller, more intimate facility
  • Professional addiction treatment

Don’t just assume you can stop binge drinking anytime you want, or that it’s not a big deal because you don’t do it all the time. The dangers of binge drinking are real, and this habit can lead to health problems later on in life. But you don’t have live with addiction issues. There are plenty of options for you to get the treatment you’re looking for from people you can trust. We want to see you succeed, and we care about your journey to recovery.

Find Help for the Dangers of Binge Drinking at Atlantic Recovery Center

Don’t allow addiction issues to control your future any longer. Reach out for help and break free of addiction. Contact Atlantic Recovery Center at 1-866-824-5193 today, and we’ll help you find the right road to long-lasting recovery. Whether you’re reaching out for yourself or for a loved one, we’ll be here to help every step of the way.