If you are looking for a process addiction treatment program in Davie, FL, contact Atlantic Recovery Center. Davie, Florida is a beautiful, scenic beach community. This environment fosters recovery. Located near Fort Lauderdale, FL, Atlantic Recovery Center welcomes you to a place of rebirth. In addition to process addiction, we treat various substance abuse addictions, as well.

What Is Process Addiction? A counselor encourages a young man to attend a process addiction treatment program in Davie, FL

That’s the first question. After you get to understand your particular process addiction, there should be another first question – How do I get process addiction treatment? The idea of a process addiction is relatively new. Consequently, process addiction treatment is relatively new, as well.

Process addictions are behavioral addictions as opposed to an addiction to a substance like heroin or alcohol. Additionally, process addictions or behavioral addictions are similar to substance abuse addictions in that an addict loses significantly as a result of their addiction.  Also, process addictions do not carry the same physiological dangers as substance abuse or alcohol use addictions. Resultantly, an “overdose” during a behavioral addiction binge will not have the same potentially lethal result as a heroin overdose.

There is one exception, with the food process addiction. A food binge can lead to death. However, other process addictions include:

  • Sex addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Exercise addiction

These addictions have other far-reaching and detrimental effects. Indulging in a process addiction creates a euphoric feeling or a “high.” As you continue to indulge in this process compulsively, you flood your brain with the chemical interactions to create the “high.” Soon, you develop a tolerance much like an addiction to alcohol or an illicit substance. Your brain craves more and more of the process or behavior to acquire the “high.”

Call Us Before You Lose It All

The compulsion that undergirds your process addiction drives you to continue the behavior though it’s detrimental to other facets of your life. A gambling addiction may result in losing your home, your job, and your relationships. A downward spiral of any addiction is dangerous as you become more reckless in your need to fulfill the compulsion. A sex addiction, for example, can lead to health problems due to irresponsible sexual behavior.

You Need Help To Conquer This Addiction 

Because a process addiction involves the physiological machinations of euphoria creation, treatment, and intervention is necessary to end the compulsion. Bringing your chemical balance back to normal is not just a matter of your ability to control yourself. Unfortunately, you have already bypassed those roadblocks. Because process addiction behaviors are somewhat healthy under normal conditions, it is harder to come to grips with this addiction. Process addictions carry the added risk of the abuse of alcohol or drugs to lower the inhibition while you compulsively indulge.

Choose Atlantic Recovery Center For Your Process Addiction Treatment

Treatment is a highly personalized investment. As a result, it should cater to your particular situation. So many factors are involved in where and how you should seek treatment. Make wise choices here. You want treatment that is not going to waste your time or money.

Our facility has one of the few process addiction treatment programs in Florida. Seeking process addiction treatment program in Davie, FL is critical if you prefer this area, and you want to get your life back on track.

We Treat Other Issues Concurrently

Some other programming we offer includes:

Just like any other addiction, professional intervention is priceless. It is the help you need to control your actions. If you were in complete control, then you would not be in this predicament. Admitting that you need help is necessary. Talk to us today at 877.432.0867 about what your behaviors are. Let us know what your fears and concerns are. We can help you shape the future by dealing with your process addiction with seriousness and efficiency.