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If you are conducting research for substance abuse treatment programs Florida , consider Atlantic Recovery Centers. We are a comprehensive program that features substance abuse treatment as well as alcohol abuse treatment. Deciding that you have an issue is the first step in the right direction. It won’t work if you don’t own up to the fact that you have a problem.

If you are conducting the research for yourself or a loved one, getting the right information is a major move. Learning about polysubstances is imperative to help yourself or your loved one who may struggle with this particular addiction. If you are addicted to more than one substance, you are in need of a polysubstance addiction treatment program.

What Are Polysubstance Abuse?

Polysubstance abuse is the abuse of one or more illicit substances at the same time. Though people mix substances quite often, the polysubstance abuser doesn’t really have a drug of choice. Basically, they are equally addicted to all the substances they are abusing.

The Biggest Lie? I Can Do It Myself 

Treatment is needed if you are taking illicit substances despite the impairment to your life. If you’ve begun to notice negative impacts on your job, your relationship, your health or any other major component of your life – it’s time to get help. This is not always an easy determination because some illicit substances did not start out that way. Some illicit substances were prescribed. Over time, you began to abuse them. In other words, if you are not taking your prescription medications according to the prescription, they are illicit.

What Makes Polysubstance Addiction Treatment Different?

Polysubstance addiction treatment is different in we focus on all substances. There are certain nuances that go with certain substances of abuse. For example, cocaine is a party drug. Consequently, therapeutic Intervention encompasses party and social behavior.

poly substance addiction treatment programTreatment focus incorporates the fact that the polysubstance abusing client is taking greater risk with their health. This facet of treatment explores the increased risk. Polysubstance abusers are mixing alcohol and a substance or substances, or they are mixing two or more substances. The increased risk is introduced by the Contraindications of the substances that are being used.

What Makes For A Good Polysubstance Addiction Treatment Program?

Do you need a good polysubstance addiction treatment program Davie FL?  A good polysubstance group is going to focus on the increased risk of this type of addiction. When you begin to use more than one substance at the same time, you’re not carefully considering the chemical combination of your consumption. On a binge, it’s easier to overdose because there are different substances in play that may mix lethally.

Individual, Individual, Individual

At Atlantic Recovery Centers we will address this component quickly. As a client here, you’ll give us a full picture of how we can help you address your polysubstance addiction.  Individualized programming comes into play here. We need an accurate picture of your individual usage to save your life.  Getting a handle on what each client is doing in their drug behavior is imperative. The individualized programming that you’ll receive At Atlantic Recovery Centers will address this component quickly. This information is the foundation of your treatment plan.

Atlantic Recovery Centers 

Some people are beach people.  We are beach people to the extent that we put it in the name of our facility. You’ll enjoy the beautiful Atlantic ocean as you get the opportunity to recover from your substance abuse or alcohol abuse. Why not spend time in an environment that you love? Not taking the right care of ourselves is the primary reason that addiction has an entryway into our lives. You’ll enjoy a relaxing beach vibe while you get your life back on track. In addition to polysubstance addiction treatment, you’ll find the following programming at Atlantic:

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