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Why Depression and Alcoholism are So Commonly Associated

The dangers of depression and alcoholism are very potent because these two issues feed off of each other in a way that can seem impossible to escape. It becomes a cyclical process where someone drinks because they’re depressed, struggle in life as a result of their drinking, and are ultimately depressed because they drink. As a result, it may be necessary to consider the benefits of a high-quality rehab center to help combat and end this cycle. Alcohol addiction treatment can help you overcome the dangers of substance abuse and guide you to a sober and healthy lifestyle and a more stable body and mind.

Depression and Alcoholism Create a Dangerous Combination

The co-occurring disorders of depression and alcoholism can lead to a lot of difficulty in a person’s life and make it feel like an emotional wasteland. People who are depressed and drink to cope often engage in self-destructive behaviors which keeps them trapped in a negative emotional state. Sadly, this danger is something that far too many people experience in their life and which requires the help of therapy and possibly rehab to manage. A typical pattern of abuse often follows this cycle:

  • Alcohol numbs the mind and makes depression symptoms less apparent
  • Continued depression when sober triggers drinking behaviors
  • Increased resistance to the effects of alcohol increase how often a person consumes
  • Realization of addiction worsens a person’s depression by making them feel bad about themselves
  • Alcoholism increases because that individual sees no way out of their addiction
  • Physical and emotional health deteriorate further, potentially even causing death

This cycle is also complicated by the impact of withdrawal symptoms, which can make it very hard for a person to put down the bottle. As a result, it is crucial to talk to a rehab specialist about the types of care options available for this problem. Dual-diagnosis is probably your best chance of walking away from depression and alcoholism for good and regaining a sober life.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment May Help

People who have alcoholism and depression need to treat both simultaneously using dual-diagnosis. This unique care option is designed for health issues such as these and will provide you with a guide through this dark and challenging period. It works on all mental health problems alongside addiction to provide a path out of all conditions. Dual-diagnosis care will:

  • Assess the extent of your depression and alcoholism
  • Figure out why your depression exists outside of your addiction
  • Gauge the physical size of your alcohol dependency
  • Sort through the confusion behavioral implications of these disorders
  • Provide counseling that helps you understand yourself better
  • Adjust your behaviors to help you cope with depression
  • Provide medication, as needed, for your depression and your alcoholism

This beneficial addiction treatment therapy is one that is typically available at many care centers around the nation. Going through this program will require you to be very honest with yourself and to assess your addiction and depression objectively. However, this process is one that can be beneficial if you’re willing to take the advice of specialists who can provide you with healing support. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we offer dual diagnosis therapy to help people identify the root causes of their struggles, overcome their depression, and as a result, achieve long-term recovery from addiction.

Treatment Can Manage Your Addiction and Depression

If depression and alcoholism are weighing you down and you can’t see how to escape, please contact us at Atlantic Recovery Center right away. When you call 1-866-824-5193, we will assess your addiction and figure out where it originated. Then, we will provide care in a small and intimate facility that feels more like home and family than a treatment center. So please verify your insurance to get started.