Focusing on the right kind of treatment is just as important as seeking out treatment at all. When you’re struggling with addiction issues, for example, you need a quality facility that can give you the right level and type of support. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we offer many treatment options that can improve your life. One of those is dialectical behavior therapy, which allows you to explore issues in your life in ways you might not have addressed previously. This kind of treatment is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy but is more focused on the social and emotional aspects. It can be beneficial in many cases.

How is Dialectical Behavior Therapy Used?A group of people talk about attending a dialectical behavior therapy program in Davie, FL

When you come to us at Atlantic Recovery Center, you have several options for treatment and support. Dialectical behavior therapy is just one of those options. But it’s one that’s very popular for a wide variety of reasons. It works to change patterns of behavior, which can be extremely helpful where addiction and substance abuse issues are concerned. Working with acceptance of the situation can help you see what you can do differently while still seeing your value as a person amid your addiction. We also work with you to formulate strategies for change and adjustment for the future.

When you choose to work with us for your dialectical behavior therapy, you learn about mindfulness and the regulation of your emotions. That can mean you’re less likely to get involved in situations that might be detrimental to your well-being. By working with this kind of therapy, you reduce your chances of involvement in areas of life like addiction. Making good choices and seeing why those choices matter are goals of treatment that are very important for people who are struggling with addiction. You may take time to get better, but getting started is the first step. We want to help you get on the road to a functional recovery.

We Can Offer You Quality Treatment Options

There are many options for treatment that you could consider, and dialectical behavior therapy is just one of them. It may be the right treatment for you, and you may want to couple dialectical behavior therapy with some other options. But when you come to us, you can get those options all in one place. You’ll also get a caring and compassionate staff who can help you so that you can get better faster. We know you have the ability to move into recovery, and our dialectical behavior therapy program in Davie, FL is one of the places where you can do that. Some of the excellent services and treatments we can offer you include:

  • A smaller and more intimate facility for your comfort
  • A residential program
  • A focus on aftercare and an opportunity for sober living
  • Individualized care, with a family-style approach
  • Help and hope for those 18 and older, in any adult age group
  • Addiction treatment for union workers
  • Addiction treatment for professionals
  • Referrals to a quality detox facility

With all those opportunities and proper therapy, there’s no reason to go anywhere else. We can give you the level of care and support you need to get past your addiction issues, and back to living your life. No matter whether you’ve tried treatment before, we can help. By reaching out to us for support, you’ll be taking an important first step on your path to recovery. You had plans and goals before, and you can have them once again. We can be a part of that.

Let Atlantic Recovery Center Help You Today

You don’t have to allow addiction to control your life any longer. You have the opportunity to overcome that addiction when you work with a quality drug rehab. Contact us at (855) 875-0664, and we can make sure you get started on the road to recovery. Our dialectical behavior therapy program in Davie, FL is a great place to start. We can help you have the quality, long-term recovery you need.