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Understanding How Different Recovery Programs Work

Making the choice to deal with a chronic substance abuse problem is only one part of the equation. Next comes the process of deciding on the best course of treatment. To do that, it’s important to understand how different recovery programs work. Each of them provides different ways of entering recovery, where you’re constantly working to change your life and improve your health and well-being. We’ll go over four types of recovery programs offered at Atlantic Recovery Center and the benefits they offer to our clients.

Residential Treatment Program

Residential treatment is one of the different recovery programs designed to remove clients from their normal environment. The goal is to get them to focus entirely on recovery with no distractions. That means living at a facility for periods ranging anywhere from two weeks to three months. Some programs offer stays for longer periods. Ideally, clients get the chance to stay as long as necessary to achieve long-term recovery.

Clients benefit from going through residential treatment by:

  • Having a safe haven from triggers in the outside world
  • Offer them the opportunity to form bonds with others going through the same experience
  • Help them learn to adapt to living with rules and boundaries
  • Makes them responsible for taking care of themselves and looking after their well-being
  • Get the chance to focus on any underlying disorders that continues to drive destructive behaviors

One of the hardest things for people to do upon entering a residential program is to adjust to living with routine. However, it’s a way of getting clients to adjust to the idea of living a regular life once they leave the program. Residential treatment programs reinforce the idea of accountability and sticking to commitments.

Services offered by Atlantic Recovery Center’s Residential Treatment Program

  • Detox, or withdrawal management
  • Medication-assisted treatment for substance addictions
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • 12-step recovery programs
  • Recreational therapy
  • Art and music therapy

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial hospitalization is another different recovery program offered by Atlantic Recovery Center. They’re an alternative to residential treatment programs for those who appear to be in less immediate danger from their issues and have quality support at home. PHP programs typically provide the following services:

  • Crisis stabilization
  • Withdrawal symptom management
  • Structured socialization

PHP sessions at Atlantic Recovery Center run from Monday through Saturday. Clients attend various therapies and treatments throughout the day, then return to their homes at night. It’s a way of allowing clients to receive many of the benefits of inpatient treatment without actually living at the facility.

PHP helps clients work on skills needed in the outside world to maintain recovery, including:

  • Socialization skills
  • Communication skills
  • Coping skills
  • Life skills
  • Employment skills

The hope is to prevent clients from relapsing after receiving treatment. The PHP Program at Atlantic Recovery Center also helps clients learn to deal with triggers that could cause them to go back to their former behavior.

Outpatient Program

Another different form of recovery program offered at Atlantic Recovery Center is intensive outpatient treatment. It functions similarly to our residential treatment program in that it offers more structure than a typical outpatient program. Clients pay more frequent visits to the facility and have access to the same treatments and therapies offered to residential clients.

Many people turn to outpatient therapy because they can’t afford to take time off from their jobs or other responsibilities to participate in a residential or PHP program. Others use intensive outpatient treatment in conjunction with regular outpatient rehab. Either way, clients receive a high level of support as they work to maintain their hard-won recovery.

Aftercare Program

Atlantic Recovery Center offers another different recovery program for clients called rehab aftercare. It helps people continue their fight against substance abuse once they complete an inpatient stay. The program offers support and guidance while clients learn to navigate in the real world while staying sober.

One way in which Atlantic Recovery Center’s aftercare program helps is by connecting clients to local 12-step or 12-step alternative groups near them. There’s also an alumni support group that encourages graduates to come back and talk to others still in treatment about their experiences. Having the perspective of people who have gone through the same struggle can be a difference-maker in the lives of clients still working through their program.

Choosing the Right Recovery Program

Let Atlantic Recovery Center help you decide on the right path of treatment. If you want to learn more about our different recovery programs, call us at 1-866-824-5193 with your questions.