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Some people living with substance abuse disorder would like to ask an expert, Do I Need Addiction Treatment?” If you have to ask, it may be time to check out a proven program in Florida. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we offer inpatient and outpatient treatment for a variety of substances and alcohol abuse. With only seven clients at a time, we can give you the close attention required to help you kick old habits for good.

If you recognize the following traits in yourself, contact us immediately to discuss your situation.

1. Drug Use Is Your Main Priority

When you ask yourself, “Do I Need Addiction Treatment?”, consider what role drugs or alcohol play in your life. When substance abuse becomes the center of your world, you have a problem. Those living with substance abuse disorder spend most of their time and effort acquiring or thinking about their drug of choice. If you have started isolating yourself from those who love you, you probably need assistance

2. Sharp Health Decline

Alcohol and substance abuse disorder can lead to many health problems. The types of issues experienced depend on the drug. For instance, Long term alcohol addiction causes liver damage and certain kinds of cancer

To fully answer the question “Do I Need Addiction Treatment?”, consider both physical and mental health issues. Generally, physical health consequences can be minor or life-threatening. The risk increases if you take the drug for a long time or increase your dosage. Your brain can also become addicted to the chemicals in the drug you take. Watch out for signs of agitation, depression, and psychosis.

3. You Have to Increase Your Usage Amount to Get High

When you first use a drug, you may get an intense reaction. As you continue to take the drug, your mind and body become accustomed to it. As your body builds tolerance for drugs or alcohol, you need to consume more to get the same effect. When this happens, in addition to asking, “Do I Need Addiction Treatment?”, you can ask yourself whether you want to continue with your current course of action or help out for help.

Continually increasing your intake can lead to a drug overdose, with permanent damage to your physical and mental health. At this point, it’s time to contact Atlantic Recovery Center to find out more about our comprehensive drug treatment program.

4. Do You Have a Mental Illness?

According to SAMHSA, a lot of people who suffer from mental illnesses also suffer from substance abuse disorder. For example, about 8 million people have both mental health and substance use disorder. This number equates to a 40% likelihood that your mental illness will lead to a substance abuse disorder or vice versa.

At Atlanta Recovery Center, we do everything in our power to treat both your mental and physical challenges. Our dual diagnosis treatment center helps you add the why to your original question of “Do I Need Addiction Treatment?”

5. You Cannot Quit on Your Own

Unfortunately, substance abuse disorder is often a carousel of relapse and recovery. It’s challenging and sometimes dangerous to cease using a drug that your body has become dependent on, so you may need help to detox. If your final answer to the question of “Do I Need Addiction Treatment?” is yes, find out how to get help now. At Atlantic Recovery Center, our comprehensive programs include group and individual sessions as well as inpatient and outpatient options.

Do I Need Addiction Treatment?

If any of the situations above apply to you, you should seek assistance in an effective program such as those available at Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida. Call us at 1-866-824-5193 to take back your independence and find out how to get assistance today.