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Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Buffalo, New York

Looking for a drug addiction treatment program in Buffalo, New York? Consider the Atlantic Recovery Center. Rehab is a time when you need to focus entirely on yourself during the early stages. Addiction treatment centers come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes there isn’t one in your area that best fits your needs. Going through a program somewhere outside your typical environment can get you an extra push. You can then return to your home for aftercare.

Why Travel Elsewhere?

Reasons people may avoid entering a drug addiction treatment program in Buffalo, New York, can vary widely. Among the reasons that our clients have mentioned are such things as:

  • Privacy — Some clients are afraid they may lose their jobs if someone finds out they are attending a drug addiction program in Buffalo, New York. Many of our business executive clients prefer taking vacation time and undergoing rehab privately.
  • Nothing Available Locally — Larger cities have a more significant number of people dealing with addiction. Local programs that meet your needs may not have openings when you are ready, and waiting may not feel like an option to you.
  • An unhealthy/unsupportive home environment — Your family and the people who enable your substance abuse may not be supportive about your wish to get clean. Looking for a drug addiction program in Buffalo, New York may mean you are too close to this negative influence. Getting away gives you the chance to enter a positive environment during this critical time.
  • Size of center — With a higher number of clients in need in more prominent areas, centers tend to be larger. For those seeking a smaller center with more personalized care, attending an addiction program elsewhere may be necessary.

What Is Aftercare?

Leaving a residential program isn’t the end of your path to recovery. For those seeking a drug addiction program in Buffalo, New York, returning to your original area is most often the goal. That is why you must find somewhere to help you continue becoming stronger. An aftercare program will see you continuing a type of counseling that you need, possibly a dual diagnosis program. It will continue with helping you learn coping skills and other personal things that will make it easier for you to live a sober life. Without the proper aftercare, you are at a higher risk of returning to an unhealthy lifestyle. This risk is especially true if you don’t have local support. However, when you finish your initial program, you can count on us to help you find the best aftercare support possible.

The Atlantic Recovery Center

Here at the Atlantic Recovery Center, we welcome clients who may initially be seeking a drug addiction program in Buffalo, New York. Our small program limits the number of clients to no more than seven. We have specially trained staff that care about you and understand how difficult this step is. We also understand how being away from a familiar area can be both refreshing yet scary. You will participate in both group and individual counseling while here. You will also be able to enjoy activities such as swimming and art and music therapy. Our grounds include a private gazebo and pond to give you a place for quiet reflection.

Once you are prepared to return to your regular life, we don’t let you leave on your own. Our Supports Coordinator will understand what supports you will need for your aftercare period, and she will strive to find you the best program in your area. This support may include counseling, a support group, and mental health treatment if we determine a need. You can go back home knowing you aren’t alone.

Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Buffalo, New York Alternative

If you or a loved one is facing addiction and believes getting away for treatment may be the best step, contact us at [Direct} and let us help you. We will do all we can to get you started on the road to a bright, drug-free life.