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Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Miramar, Florida

Alcohol and heroin are two of the most prevalent substance abuse problems we see. They are only a small portion, however, of the kind of substances people find themselves addicted to. Any drug addiction treatment program in Miramar, Florida, sees a wide variety of addictions. Addiction can also become part of the lives of all ages and economic classes. Our clients range in age from 18 to 65. We cater to businessmen, union workers, college students, and every occupation in between. None of these things matter when you are seeking treatment. This is a step that is equally hard for each and every individual. We know this and here at Atlantic Recovery Center, we strive to make this brave step the first of many on the road to a successful recovery.


Years of working in a drug addiction treatment program in Miramar, Florida, have shown us that each client is an individual. Addiction became part of their lives for many reasons and each person has his own way of getting through recovery. Our valuable staff members use their training and experience to help determine which path your treatment will take. For some, there is a need for treatment that addresses a mental health issue that may have been self-medicated for years. Others made poor choices due to the inability to know productive coping skills or to compensate for poor social skills. Whatever the underlying cause, we design your recovery program for you.

Atlantic Recovery Center

Our drug addiction treatment program in Miramar, Florida, is a small, family-oriented one. Our residential program never has more than seven clients at a time. The home-like setting includes a large outdoor area with a pond to allow you to be in the healing air of nature. Inside, the home-like environment is based on comfort and community. We offer both individual and group therapy and have a dual diagnosis program for those who need this. Art and music therapy are available and there are plenty of recreational activities to keep your body and mind occupied.

In addition to the residential program, we also offer partial hospitalization where you return to your home at night. We also offer an intensive outpatient treatment program for those who feel a residential program is not for them. Whichever program you choose, you can be confident that we will give you all you need for your particular journey. We also help you continue your journey when you are ready to leave the main drug addiction treatment program in Miramar, Florida.

Beyond the Center

Entering the world again after you complete a drug addiction program in Miramar, Florida, you may feel many emotions. Confidence fear, nervousness, happiness and so much more are mingled together. It has been proven that people who have additional support when they leave the main drug addiction treatment program in Miramar, Florida, have a greater amount of success over the long-term if they participate in an aftercare program.

We concentrate on the part of recovery between physical detox and aftercare. This is because we believe by concentrating on one part of the journey we can get more in-depth. This is why we work with you as your stay with us is coming to an end. We talk about where you are, what you will be facing when you leave, and how we can ensure you have the necessary supports in place to continue forward successfully. Our coordinator will work to get you involved in an aftercare program that meets you where you are and helps support you as you get stronger. Aftercare may be something that one person needs for only a month or two. Others may need some kind of support for many years.

What matters isn’t how long you need the support. What matters is that we see you have what you need. Your time undergoing a drug addiction treatment program in Miramar, Florida, will be a strong base from which to launch this aftercare journey.

Let Atlantic Recovery Center Help

You or your loved one no longer has to be a prisoner of addiction. By calling Atlantic Recovery Center at 1-866-824-5193 today, your drug addiction treatment program in Miramar, Florida, will be the greatest step you can take toward a happier, healthier life.