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Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Newark, NJ

Seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is an important decision. The importance is why those who are looking for a drug addiction treatment program in Newark, NJ, might consider entering a program like Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida. After years of living a life where the substance of choice is the focal point, our clients often cite wanting to make a complete break from their surroundings. This is normally only a temporary break but it is important because it gives them a chance to focus entirely upon themselves and their recovery.

Making the Break

Facing an addiction puts you into a very small circle of contacts. You may have alienated family and found that the only socializing you do is with others who also abuse drugs or alcohol. Breaking free from addiction becomes all the more difficult as you realize your current connections will not support your choice. Some people may even push you to continue. Seeking a drug addiction treatment program in Newark, NJ is a brave decision. It may also be nearly impossible in your mind as long as you stay around the area you are most familiar with. Looking for a program that helps you distance yourself from the temptation can make a big difference.

Addiction is something that is tied very closely to habit. You can begin to associate the use of a substance with certain people, places, or activities. Once your habit is broken, it becomes easier to substitute other things for the feelings and thoughts you associate with using. A completely unfamiliar environment can help make that break of habit easier, especially if you don’t have a strong support system in place.

Returning Home

Returning home has found to be most successful when there are a few factors in place. One of these is a supportive home and family that our client can count on. The second factor in success is an aftercare program that can help our clients through the time it takes to put into use the new skills they have learned during their stay in a drug addiction treatment center in Newark, NJ or somewhere else. Aftercare can take the form of counseling, a support group, a 12-step program and more classes such as anger management. Mental health treatment is also a common aftercare element. This is because many people seeking addiction treatment are found to also have an underlying mental health issue that has been making things worse. The amount of aftercare you need will be dependent upon your personal circumstances.

Atlantic Recovery Center and You

Atlantic Recovery Center is happy to provide a solution to those seeking drug addiction treatment in Newark, NJ. Our program is intentionally kept limited in both size and scope. This allows our trained staff to provide you with the kind of personalized treatment that is best for long-term recovery. The environment is reminiscent of a country estate with a home-like living area, large yard with gazebo and pond, and a swimming pool for recreation. We offer:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Art and music therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Help finding an aftercare program

Our program offers residential facilities for those seeking a drug treatment program in Newark, NJ. We also offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment if that is something that would better meet your needs. All our programs take into account what you personally require to make this stay a success.

Reach Out to Atlantic Recovery Center

You don’t have to allow your life to continue to be ruled by addiction. Seeking a drug addiction treatment program in Newark, NJ may lead you to contact us today at 1-866-824-5193. Reach out and accept the hand we offer to help you on your path to recovery. Life can be better.