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How to Find Family Therapy in South Florida

While addiction often causes a person to isolate themselves, both physically and emotionally, not many people realize how it can impact those around them. Families and friend groups can often be torn apart by the impacts of addiction. This is where family therapy in South Florida can play a significant role in treatment.


In a world where loneliness and isolation can harm a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, the unconditional love and support from one’s family are essential to living a meaningful and purposeful life. Without family, it’s easy to feel empty and lost at times.


With that said, even families face challenges and obstacles that can damage the relationships and overall support within the family. When this happens, family members must commit to making the necessary changes to fix those problems and heal from the damage already done.


What is a Florida Family Therapy Program?

Family therapy, also known as family counseling, is a unique form of therapy that focuses on specific issues within an individual’s family. By bringing all of these people together in front of a professional therapist, family members can find real solutions to the problems they face daily.


There are four primary types of family therapy in the world today:

  • Structural Therapy – this form of family therapy strengthens a family’s structure by examining how family members interact.
  • Systemic Therapy – this form of therapy focuses on improving the systems of interactions between family members. 
  • Strategic Therapy – this form of family therapy focuses on identifying patterns of interactions between family members and finding solutions.
  • Bowenian Therapy – this form of family therapy is best suited for those that don’t want their family involved in the recovery process.


It’s important to note that the term ‘family’ in this case doesn’t just mean blood-related family members, but anyone that plays a significant role in the individual’s life. Since family should be your biggest strength in life, any weakness or kink in the armor should be addressed immediately.


What Role Does Family Therapy in Florida Play in Rehab?

Millions of Americans struggle with addiction, and while rehabilitation centers can help turn one’s life around, only about 10% of those that need treatment will receive it. Those who receive treatment can expect a combination of detox, medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. 


Family therapy is often utilized during the addiction recovery process. Since many professionals believe addiction to be a family disease (it impacts everyone in the family), therapy can help loved ones cope with the many consequences and impacts of drug or alcohol addiction. 


By going through the recovery process together with family therapy, all those involved can heal as one. They can learn how to avoid triggers better, cope with withdrawal symptoms, and make better life decisions that promote a happier and healthier life. With therapy, the suffering can end. 


How Can a Family Rehab Program Help with Substance Abuse?

When used in conjunction with a full-body detox, medication, lifestyle changes, and other forms of therapy, a family rehab program goes a long way in helping the individual and their family recover. It reduces the chances of a relapse and helps them make lasting, sustainable change.


Here are some of the most prominent benefits of a Florida family therapy program for addiction:

  • Brings family members together to address the addiction and how it has impacted one another’s lives
  • Builds trust and honesty between family members
  • Helps family members find solutions to their addiction 
  • Teaches the family members how to help the addicted individual overcome addiction
  • Increases the amount of support in a situation where support was minimal 
  • Teaches family members how to accept and forgive one another


Not only will the individual learn to live a life free of drugs and other harmful substances, but they’ll grow closer to those they need the most during a desperate time. As a result, you’ll feel more motivated, confident, and ready to take on whatever it is this world has in store for you. 


How to Find Family Therapy in South Florida

Are you searching for quality family therapy in Florida? Do you need a family therapist that has experience dealing with drug addiction and substance abuse? Are you ready to bring your family along on your journey towards a happier and healthier life? If so, then we want to talk to you!


At the Atlantic Recovery Center, we take pride in helping individuals overcome addiction and finding ways to strengthen the relationships they have with their family and personal support group. Recovery is near with detox, medication management, and comprehensive rehab treatment in South Florida

If you’d like to learn more about our recovery center or would like to learn more about what family therapy in South Florida can do for you and your loved ones – contact us today. We can’t wait to give you a tour of our facility and are excited to watch you recover in real-time.