Addiction isn’t a mental health problem that just affects those who have it. In fact, it affects their friends and family members as well. Because of that, a family therapy program is an important part of substance abuse treatment. However, some people don’t truly understand what family therapy is or what it offers.

Understanding Family Dynamicstherapist takes notes while talking to patients in a family therapy program

Believe it or not, family dynamics play a big role in the development of certain addictions. The dynamics impact the way that they live. In fact, they shape who people are and the roles and behaviors that they take on in their everyday lives.

At the same time, the definition of a family unit isn’t set in stone. For some people, a family unit includes kids and spouses. On the other hand, it might refer to a single-parent family or partners with children. Further yet, some people consider their close friends to be their family members.

In any case, family dynamics play a huge role in the development of addiction. In addition, experts believe that genetics have some kind of role in making people more vulnerable to substance abuse. Because of the strong link to family dynamics, people who struggle with addiction can benefit from a family therapy program.

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

Before people search for a family therapy program Davie, FL has, they should understand it better. As the name suggests, family therapy typically involves substance abusers and at least one of their family members. The family members might be siblings, parents, spouses, or partners.

However, they don’t have to be blood-related. What matters is that those with addiction feel comfortable with them. For that reason, close friends are the best choice for family therapy in some cases.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that family therapy doesn’t have to involve just two people. Like group therapy, it can involve several people. The only stipulation is that those in treatment are close to everyone who participates. The family members must want to help their loved ones create a relapse prevention plan as well.

Benefits of Family Therapy

It’s essential for family therapy to explore the impact that loved ones have on each other. It includes addressing the impact that they have on each other during recovery. Some of the main reasons why family therapy is important includes:

  • Keeps loved ones motivated and engaged during treatment
  • Allows family members to clearly voice their concerns and feelings
  • Makes it possible for family members to ask questions about addiction
  • Allows those in treatment to see how addiction affects others
  • Reopens lines of communication between family members
  • Eases feelings of anger, stress, and fear

What to Expect From Family Therapy

Each family therapy program is slightly different. In many ways, it isn’t much different from group therapy. Instead of having other abusers in the group, though, it involves family members. These gatherings make it easy for therapists to identify problems within family dynamics.

During family therapy, therapists set goals for families to achieve as units. The sessions are just as much about helping the family members as they are about helping the abusers. Overall, the goal is to improve the family dynamic to develop a safe and sober environment.

Atlantic Recovery Center Offers Family Therapy

Are you in need of a family therapy program Davie, FL has? Do you think that a dysfunctional family dynamic may be at the heart of your substance abuse problem? If so, it’s time to get help at Atlantic Recovery Center. We help people just like you overcome addiction.

Of course, we offer more than just family therapy at Atlantic Recovery Center. We’re also a PHP partial hospitalization program Davie, FL offers. Beyond that, we have programs such as:

Get the most out of your rehab experience when you include your family members. Find out if a family therapy program is right for you. Contact Atlantic Recovery Center today at (855) 875-0664 to start treatment.