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Healthy Habits in Recovery That You Should Foster

Addiction often has an unfortunate tendency to cause unhealthy and even dangerous habits in a person’s life. As a result, it is necessary to make sure that you focus on healthy habits in recovery to regain your health. These simple steps, many of which are taught in substance abuse treatment programs, will give you the support that you need to become a happy and sober person again.

Start Eating Healthier Foods

People often don’t realize how addiction impacts their nutritional health. That’s because they are likely more focused on getting drugs and other substances than they are on eating. As a result, they may be malnourished and need to eat a healthier diet, including:

  • Fruits rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Vegetables that help support recovery
  • Low-fat proteins that protect heart health
  • Fish and seafood to support brain health

Often, your list of healthy habits in recovery starts here because it makes it easier for you to focus on other elements of your treatment. And make sure that you not only eat healthier foods but eat enough to satisfy your body. Regularly drink water, as well, to help with detoxification. You might gain a little weight in recovery this way, but you may need a few pounds after addiction strikes. And don’t neglect regular exercises, such as walks or jogs, and sleeping well every night.

Meet New Friends for Your Support Group

All of these healthy habits in recovery should be used to manage the adverse effects that addiction can have on a person’s physical and mental health. And one of the best of these healthy habits is to make connections with people who can help in your recovery. The individuals with whom you can connect should be diverse and include:

  • Family members who are dedicated to your sobriety
  • Friends who do not use substances of any type
  • Support partners you met while in addiction recovery
  • Doctors and therapists with whom you have a secure connection
  • Other participants in addiction treatment programs

When expanding your health habits in recovery, it is also essential to cut out those people who may adversely affect your treatment. For example, you may find that some people trigger your drug abuse by trying to get you to use. And you may also discover that certain situations can cause harm. Use your support group to steer clear of these adverse situations, and always remember what you learn throughout addiction treatment therapy.

Find New Hobbies

Lastly, you should try to find some healthy activities that you enjoy and which bring you greater joy. Often, finding a distraction in this way can help you during the toughest parts of your treatment. And healthy habits in recovery like these can also help your community. For example, many people in recovery find it very healthy to volunteer. Some in this situation reach out to others in treatment to serve as a guide through dark times. You may also enjoy cleaning up leaves, washing up your town, or other volunteer activities that make you feel active and vital. And what about that guitar you’ve always wanted to play? Pick it up and get learning. Developing healthy habits is all about keeping your mind occupied and ensuring that you have a regular, structured routine so that you always have plenty to do. As they say, idle hands are the devil’s playthings — make sure to keep your hands busy to avoid cravings and the temptation to return to abusing substances.

Please Reach Out to Us for Help

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