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How Addiction Effects Families

Many people, including addicted individuals, are not really aware of how addiction affects families. The truth is, it can leave families devastated and broken. Think of the millions of people in the US struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD), or addiction. Now try to imagine the millions of other lives directly or indirectly impacted as a result. Despite this, there is hope for recovery at an addiction treatment center in Davie, FL.

How Addiction Affects Families and Loved Ones

Spouses, partners, children, parents, and relatives can hardly escape the consequences of substance abuse by a family member. They are the ones who witness the intoxication, withdrawal sickness, and what seems to be a never-ending cycle of substance abuse. Meanwhile, the signs of how addiction affects families are noticeable: Here are some of them:

  • Strained relationships: Relationships go sour when someone you love is bent on using drugs or alcohol in spite of the harmful consequences. However, addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes the person to think and behave in unusual ways. He or she also loses control over substance use or is unable to quit on their own. Regardless, the damage done to close or romantic relationships can sometimes be irreparable.
  • Frequent Conflicts: Conflict is normal in every home but put addiction into the equation and conflict levels can skyrocket. Frequent arguments erupt over the drinking or drug-taking problem. Stealing, lies, infidelity, medical problems, drunk driving, and legal problems also spark domestic disputes and fights.
  • Emotional Turmoil and Parental Grief: Seeing your family member coming home high or drunk all the time can cause emotional damage, anxiety, or depression. Parents of young adult or teenage children dealing with substance abuse may experience deep grief, shame, or regret.
  • Financial Issues: Addicted individuals often steal money from those close to them or sell household articles to buy alcohol or drugs. This can eventually put a strain on family finances and cause more conflict within the home.
  • Low School or Work Performance: Children are deeply impacted by addiction and frequent disputes among grown-ups in the home. Social withdrawal and a drop in school performance are tell-tale signs of this. Meanwhile, work performance can take nosedive for the addicted person or their spouse.

Addiction Treatment and Family Therapy at Atlantic Recovery Center

As you see, the conversation on how addiction affects families can go on and on. While some family members try to help, others turn a blind eye. However, addiction is a family disease that can run for generations. You can help put an end to the pain the family endures. The first step is getting your loved one enrolled in an inpatient, outpatient, or residential addiction treatment program.

Addiction is treatable and can end with detox and therapy at Atlantic Recovery Center in Davie, FL. Knowing this can provide hope for all parties involved. Substance abuse treatment is designed to help end addiction. The treatment provides tools and coping skills to help the client live a productive life and avoid relapse.

Our addiction treatment programs cover psychotherapy, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, and dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders such as depression. Loved ones can also get involved in the recovery process by being a part of the family therapy program. The goal is to educate everyone on how addiction affects families and reduce conflicts that may cause or result from substance abuse. Family therapy can also repair relationships, foster compassion, and show loved ones how they can help the client stay sober.

Contact us at 1-866-824-5193 to speak with an addiction counselor at Atlantic Recovery Center. We have a team of doctors and therapists who specialize in repairing the damage drugs and alcohol abuse inflict on families.