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Importance of Sober Resolutions

Sober resolutions are the goals you may set for yourself if you’re in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. They’re important because they give you a step-by-step process for avoiding relapse in the new year.

If you’re new to the practice of setting sober resolutions, you should know that the bulk of them focus on taking good care of yourself and your physical and mental health. They include avoiding the people, places, and circumstances that cause you overwhelming stress. Likewise, they require you to reach out for help when you need it. Healthy, sober resolutions affect every aspect of your life.

Make Sober Resolutions to Maintain Your Physical Health

When your body feels strong, you feel good. Similarly, when you feel good, there’s no need to self-medicate. Using this argument, make it a goal this year to take good care of your body. This means practicing sober living every day, in addition to other activities that may include:

  • Eating plenty of nutritious foods at every meal
  • Getting at least eight hours of sleep each night
  • Managing stress effectively
  • Making time for healthy fun
  • Exercising several times a week
  • Getting enough daily sunlight

When you set healthy goals and stick to them, recovery becomes that much easier to maintain. As a result, you look good. You feel good. Your body feels strong and reliable. Improving your lifestyle means improving your health. Subsequently, when you feel strong, you’re better able to resist relapse.

Make Mental Health Care Part of Your Sober Resolutions

As a person in addiction recovery, taking care of your mental health is always a priority. A big part of sober living is learning how to manage your emotions instead of letting them manage your reactions. Set sober resolutions that require you to be in constant sync with your emotions. These include:

  • Avoiding isolation
  • Staying active in your recovery community
  • Managing your stress
  • Avoiding your triggers
  • Using the resources available to you
  • Helping others on their recovery journey

Mental and physical fitness go hand-in-hand. That’s saying you can’t really have one without the other. Therefore, prioritize your goals in the new year so that sober living remains at the top of your list, all day, every day.

Add Structure To Your Sober Resolutions

An unstructured day is a huge pitfall for those in recovery. For this reason, it’s vital to keep to some type of daily schedule. Rise at the same time each day, and have a plan for every hour, if possible. When you encounter large pockets of free time, plan ahead so you’ll know how to fill them. Generally, it’s good to avoid aimlessness in recovery. Having no set plan for what you’re going to do each day or staying up into the wee hours and then sleeping-in consistently can contribute to depression, which is an enemy to recovery. Stay busy, stay connected, and make structure a major part of your addiction recovery.

Experience Addiction Recovery At Atlantic Recovery Center

Atlantic Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in South Florida. For those affected by substance use disorder, we provide a superior level of individualized care.

Through a full range of traditional and innovative therapies, your care team at Atlantic Recovery Center will work to teach you the recovery behaviors and coping mechanisms needed to overcome addiction. You’ll learn to care for your physical and mental health, as well as finding healthier ways of managing stress and anxiety.

For help with drug or alcohol addiction in the South Florida area, visit us online or call today at 1-866-824-5193. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we’ll help you set sober resolutions that will benefit you throughout life.