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United Healthcare Insurance

Insurance coverage for drug rehabs

Does UHC Cover Rehab Treatment?

United Healthcare Insurance, or UHC, it’s one of the biggest Healthcare Providers across the United States. They have what is called the United Behavioral Health division, which provides treatment and coverage for rehab services and mental health disorders.

Yes, UHC covers some parts of rehab treatment. They usually cover things like Inpatient Detox or outpatient Detox Services, as well as inpatient or outpatient rehab.

*Note: Some of their PPO network policies have pre-certification requirements, which means for certain coverage to apply, you have to pick an in-network rehab center. 

If your current plan does not cover the cost of rehab, UHC offers short-term plans that you can purchase a la carte as separate coverage options.

Copay and Deductibles

What is covered by your insurance program is based on the plan you have. Your plan will include a copay and a deductible.

The more you pay on a monthly basis, what is called your insurance premium, the lower your deductible and copay. Conversely, the lower your monthly payment, the higher your deductible and copay.

A copay is something you have to pay out-of-pocket every time you go to a doctor, get anything other than your preventative screening or annual checkups, or even fill a prescription.

A deductible is the total amount you have to pay out of pocket, including the copays, before your insurance kicks in and covers the rest of your health care needs for the year.

Your deductible might be a percentage of your rehab costs, or it might be a dollar amount like $4,000. You might have a copay applied specifically to your individual therapy sessions during rehab. It all varies based on the type of plan you have.

Contact Atlantic Recovery Center today to review your benefits and find a UHC addiction treatment program.

levels of care

What Levels of Care are Covered by United Healthcare?

You can get some degree of coverage for a UHC addiction treatment program like:

  1. Inpatient hospital detox
  2. Outpatient detox
  3. Inpatient rehab
  4. Outpatient rehab
  5. Mental health services
  6. Medications
  7. Therapy

Bear in mind that when you are looking for South Florida UHC rehab, for your insurance to apply, you very likely have to find a facility that is “in-network” or one that meets pre-certification requirements. Your insurance provider will have a list of those pre-certification requirements depending on the services you are receiving from the treatment center.

You should find an in-network UHC rehab center for an inpatient UHC addiction treatment program. Going out of network will cost you a lot more out-of-pocket and, in fact, might mean that your insurance doesn’t cover anything.

For inpatient care, South Florida UHC rehab is usually covered up to 3 months. You are generally required to pay for 25% of the total cost of your inpatient program.

For outpatient UHC rehab in South Florida, you can have treatment that lasts for months or even years, depending on what you can afford. You will still have to pay around 25% of the total costs for any outpatient South Florida UHC rehab.

Medication-assisted detox may or may not be covered based on the type of policy you have with your insurance provider. With medication-assisted detox, you are usually given medications that help you manage the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and make you as comfortable as possible. 

These might be over-the-counter medications or FDA-approved prescription medications to treat alcoholism or opioid abuse. Things like prescription medications are usually covered with a small copay, but exactly how much you have to pay is based on your plan.

Medications can be prescribed for your detox, ongoing management of withdrawal symptoms, or mental health disorders. Medications are covered much more than most other aspects of your UHC addiction treatment program. You might have a copay or a deductible, but in most cases, generic medications are covered.

Mental health services are covered by all insurance providers, thanks to federal mandates. This means that if you go to a UHC rehab center. You start South Florida UHC rehab, which includes mental health treatment, doctor visits, and medication to help you manage your mental health disorder, which your policy should cover. Still, again this depends on the type of policy you have, something you can discuss with our team.

For UHC rehab in South Florida, you have to meet a copay for individual doctor’s appointments, usually limited to $50 per visit. This copay is applicable to all types of therapy under your inpatient or outpatient program. You also might have to cover out-of-pocket costs for a deductible if you have a lower-level plan and that deductible is based on the plan you have. If you purchased a short-term coverage plan specifically for your rehab, you might have to pay between 20% and 30% of all appointments and sessions you complete.

Coverage and benefits

Atlantic Recovery Center Can Verify Your UHC Coverage and Benefits

Figuring out what benefits you have based on your specific plan can be overwhelming. In fact, many people don’t know how their insurance works for South Florida UHC rehab. 

  • Some people mistakenly believe that if their insurance provider covers a UHC addiction treatment program, then they can choose any facility and get any treatment they need with 100% coverage, never having to pay out-of-pocket.
  • Other people mistakenly believe that if they have insurance, they can go to any rehab center and don’t have to look specifically for a UHC rehab center.

These misunderstandings can result in frustration and people not getting the help they need when in reality, with just a little bit more complexity and a few extra steps, the team at Atlantic Recovery Center can help verify benefits and figure out exactly what dollar amount you are expected to spend out of pocket on your UHC rehab in South Florida.

It can be very complicated to try and locate the number for your patient services office, to make sure you have the right membership ID, and to figure out exactly which services, treatments, or medications, and to what degree, or for how long are covered. But you don’t have to worry about any of that.

We have a dedicated team to help handle this on your behalf, communicate with your insurance provider, and explain any and all benefits you have related to the type of treatment and services we provide. This gives you a much clearer idea of what therapy modalities are covered, how long, and what you are expected to pay out-of-pocket. For any remaining costs that fall to you, our team can help you find alternative methods for payment. 

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The more that you learn about Atlantic Recovery Center, the more that you’ll see that our facility is for you. Since a rehab center is only as good as its services, our staff offers programs that meet your needs.

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Atlantic Recovery Center Provides Outpatient Addiction Treatment Covered by UHC

If you need help, let Atlantic Recovery Center guide you. We are a UHC rehab center offering a qualifying UHC addiction treatment program. You can reduce the costs of getting the help you need most with us. 

Our UHC rehab in South Florida offers a wide range of services, including medication management for mental health disorders, detox services, and outpatient programs complete with individual and group therapy. 

Contact Atlantic Recovery Center today to learn more about our South Florida rehab programs.