The tell-tale signs of addiction are essential to notice to get the individual the help they need by checking in to Miami rehab centers. This list is compiled with information from professionals who work with people struggling with their habits daily and from individuals who have been there themselves.

Remember that most addicts who need substance abuse treatment or any other form of addiction treatment will not want to stop, even though their life is filled with misery, depression, and pain.

Victims of substance abuse often refuse to listen to others or read printed material that should be approached very carefully. This list of tell-tale signs of addiction is meant to help you get your addicted loved one to notice there may be a problem while also staying safe while confronting them.

You also don’t need to see all of these signs and indicators of substance abuse before you seek personal and affordable treatment from the best treatment centers in South Miami or South Florida.

drug rehab program miami beach FLPhysical Tell-Tale Signs of Substance Abuse

A good affordable treatment center or rehab centers in Miami FL should offer outpatient treatment and addiction treatment to addicts to help them get over the physical manifestations of substance abuse. The earlier they check in for drug and alcohol rehab, the earlier their physical and mental health issues will be addressed.

  • Change in eating and/or sleeping patterns (too much or too little)
  • An increase in blood pressure and heart rate (indicating an effort to fight what the body is trying to tell them)
  • Weakening of immunity system, leading to frequent illness and minor injuries taking a long time to heal
  • Frequent bloodshot eyes or red marks on the face from scratching
  • Stealing (either money or items that they can sell on the black market for drugs or alcohol)
  • Losing weight without trying (after not taking care of themselves for a while, they no longer have an appetite)
  • Frequently getting sick (pneumonia, tuberculosis, meningitis, laryngitis, etc.)
  • Having unexplained absences from school or work
  • Getting caught with paraphernalia (such as pipes, needles, syringes, cigarette rolling papers)
  • Visibly shaking while not drinking or using drugs (shaking can either be from low blood pressure, withdrawal symptoms, stimulant intoxication, etc.)
  • Periods of extreme hyperactivity (such as staying up for days in a row or doing a million things at once)
  • Periods of sudden fatigue and low energy levels
  • Inability to eat properly when using drugs or drinking alcohol
  • Inability to sleep when they are taking stimulants, such as cocaine or methamphetamines
  • Inability to urinate properly when using drugs or drinking alcohol

Behavioral Patterns of Someone Who Needs Addiction Treatment

In patient treatment at a miami rehab is one of the best ways to address mental health problems as well as drug addiction. While an outpatient setting is preferred by some, inpatient rehab will allow experts at the treatment center to explore various treatment options.

  • Isolating themselves from once pleasurable activities which might have been social (such as old friends, hobbies, etc.)
  • Starting to make excuses not to do things they once loved (work, school, etc.)
  • Lying about their actions when confronted (which might lead to them running away or picking fights)
  • Becoming argumentative over issues that would have never caused a problem before (frequently complaining about things out of their control or getting in a bad mood if they don’t get what they want).
  • Having a change in the style of dress (falling under the extremes: wearing clothes meant for older people, or wearing clothes that are very baggy or tight when not appropriate for their age or body type)
  • Seeming preoccupied with death
  • Becoming secretive about their activities (having things they do not want you to know about)
  • Having unusual attachments with material possessions (such as keeping an old t-shirt of their ex-boyfriend’s or refusing to get rid of the first pair of shoes they bought when they were sixteen)
  • Loss of interest in activities that usually pleased them (such as hobbies, sports, watching movies)
  • Having financial problems (missing car or house payments, not being able to pay bills on time)
  • Having a fixation on one activity, which they find themselves thinking about constantly (such as playing video games for five hours when they have school work to do)
  • Almost always being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Need to have something in their hands at all times (cell phone, cigarettes, can, etc.)
  • Having a loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy doing (such as going out with friends)

Listen to What a Person Who Needs Substance Abuse Treatment Says

A person who needs addiction treatment at rehab centers will be talking non-stop but not making actual conversation. Drug and alcohol often cloud a person’s judgment and make them flighty and chatty. Here are a few things to look out for before you take them to a comprehensive psychiatric center for inpatient rehab

  • Making up excuses to use again (such as saying they are taking their prescription medication “as needed,” or that drinking is just for their social life and not every day)
  • They may start talking about things that don’t make sense, such as “time travel” (telling you about something that happened in the future like they already happened or telling you about conversations they had with people that were not there)
  • They might start making grandiose plans about their next get-togethers (even if it is months away)

Take Note of His or Her Mental Health State

An addict’s mental health suffers because of too much alcohol and drugs in his system. They don’t sleep well, even in the care of the best treatment centers, and may start having hallucinations or exhibit paranoid behavior. Substance addiction can be seen in the following behavior.

  • Losing interest in events they once cared about (such as a sporting event or awards show)
  • They may start attacking their self-esteem, their body image, and the way they feel about things (getting angry at things that used to make them happy)
  • They may start having bad dreams and feeling like things are going to fall apart
  • Worrying about things out of their control (such as a child worrying about their parents dying)
  • Having a sense of hopelessness or desperation, even if they have everything to live for (such as having excellent grades in school, being respected by the community, friends who love them)
  • Feeling like things are sinking further and further into the quagmire of addiction, their life has become
  • Isolating themselves from their friends and family
  • Having an inability to stop at one drink (such as having five drinks within the first hour of receiving them)

More Signs That It’s Time to go to Miami Rehab Centers

  • Getting caught doing something they would usually never do, such as shoplifting when not in need of the things they are stealing
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or being arrested for drunk driving
  • Being caught with illegal substances either at work or school could result in termination from their job or expulsion from school.
  • Getting tired of spending small amounts of their own money and having the desire to “make more” (such as writing bad checks or stealing)
  • Loss of interest in their appearance (such as wearing filthy clothes all the time, not caring about putting on makeup, etc.)
  • Getting tired of relaxing at home and wanting to go out all the time

If you notice these, it’s time to go to treatment centers in Miami, FL

miami treatment centerBringing a loved one to a Miami FL treatment center is not an easy decision, but it’s often the best course of action for the family. Besides medication assisted treatment, the treatment centers also offer group counseling as part of their treatment programs.

  • Needing to get out of the house and having an overwhelming desire to spend money (especially on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee)
  • Changing their routine (such as finding new paths home from school or work so they can “score” some drugs)
  • Having an inability to control verbal outbursts, such as yelling at their children, significant others, parents, roommates, etc

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Seek personal and affordable treatment at Atlantic Recovery Center, a top Miami rehab center for drug addiction and alcohol detox services. You can take a look at outpatient rehab or inpatient treatment depending on which type is best suited for your loved one’s condition. The important thing is to do something about it before it becomes too late.