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Most Prescribed Drugs on the Market Today

Every year, pharmacists create new medications to manage many diseases. Unfortunately, some of these substances can be very addictive. You need to understand the most prescribed drugs and their dangers. There are five most commonly prescribed medications, each with their own risks. Learn more so that you can avoid this danger and stay sober for life.

The Most Prescribed Drugs in the Country

The most prescribed drugs typically stay stable year after year, with minor changes from time to time. Each of these medicines has a unique purpose that helps make them beneficial. Just a few of the most common prescription drugs in the country include:

  • 5. Azithromycin – Known by the generic name Zithromax, this medicine treats various infections and sexually transmitted diseases
  • 4. Levothyroxine – Also known as Synthroid, this medication helps to manage hypothyroidism
  • 3. Lisinopril – Known as Prinivil or Zestril, this substance can decrease high blood pressure and prevent kidney failure
  • 2. Simvastatin – Otherwise known as Zocor, this medicine can help manage high cholesterol and reduce heart problems
  • 1. Vicodin – This combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen helps to manage moderate to severe pain after surgery

Unfortunately, each of these medications also has problematic side effects. For example, simvastatin can cause nausea and muscle loss. Lisinopril can cause dizziness and sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, one of these drugs – Vicodin – can be extremely habit-forming. Sadly, this may lead to an addiction that could impact a person’s life for years.

How Addictive Are The Most Prescribed Drugs?

Most of the most prescribed drugs have no potential for addiction. However, Vicodin – easily number one on the list – is very addictive. That’s because it is an opioid. These potent painkillers flood the body with high levels of endorphin chemicals. Unfortunately, this reaction can become addictive and force people to abuse high levels of Vicodin. This drug is not the only addictive medication on the market. Doctors prescribe other opioids, like morphine and fentanyl, for pain relief. Pharmacists have artificially increased these medications’ potencies. As a result, they are more addictive than natural opiates. Some, such as fentanyl, are hundreds of times more potent. Unfortunately, this boost in potency leads to a rise in addiction potential.

As a result, people going through surgery or other treatments need to watch which drugs they use. Those worried about addiction can ask for an alternative to opiate medications. However, if you cannot avoid medical opiate use, there are ways to decrease your potential addiction risk. Doing so can help you avoid the need for outpatient drug rehab.

How to Avoid This Danger

The fact that some of the most prescribed drugs are addictive is a real problem. The opioid addiction epidemic is tied directly to these high levels of prescription. That said, those with extreme pain often need opiates for relief. Therefore, the following tips should help you manage this risk:

  • Use opiates only when necessary – Use other painkillers to minimize your suffering and turn to opioids only if the pain is unbearable
  • Ask for a lower dose – See if your doctor will prescribe a less potent opiate at a smaller and safer dose
  • Take as directed – Only take as many opioids as your doctor has suggested with each dose
  • Don’t ask for a refill – Doctors typically prescribe only a few opioids without a refill unless patients need more
  • Stop if you notice signs of addiction – If you find yourself craving your opiates, stop taking them and take them to a medication disposal area

These tips should significantly decrease your addiction risk. But if you do find yourself experiencing withdrawal after you quit, talk to a rehab specialist right away. They can help you through the recovery process and minimize the health danger. You can also avoid the adverse cycle of abuse that traps so many people across the country.

The Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug addiction is a huge problem in this country. Sometimes these types of addictions aren’t seen as severe right away since the drugs are prescribed by a medical doctor. However, an addiction to prescription drugs is just as severe as any other substance addiction and requires treatment. Here are some of the most abused prescription drugs.



When it comes to the most abused drugs prescribed by doctors, opioid painkillers top the list. When you get a prescription from a medical doctor, it’s easy to dismiss the risk of addiction since you’re getting the drug to treat pain, however, it can be just as addictive as any other drug. The most prescribed painkillers are Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Morphine, and Oxycodone. All these drugs require medical supervision during the detox process since withdrawal symptoms can be severe.



Anti-anxiety meds and sedatives like Nembutal, Ambien, Valium, and Xanax can be extremely addictive. Treatment for these addictions could be tricky since they are prescribed to treat mental illnesses and sleep disorders. However, abuse of these drugs is extremely dangerous and can lead to injury and even fatal overdoses. Medical advice and supervision are necessary when seeking treatment from these addictions.



Prescription stimulants like Dexedrine, Ritalin, and Adderall are extremely addictive. These drugs work by affecting the central nervous system to increase alertness and brain function. They can be taken orally, however, someone abusing the drug could be snorting or injecting them as well. Since the drugs have such powerful cognitive effects, stopping the use of the drug is nearly impossible on your own. Treatment programs and a medically assisted detox is sometimes necessary.


If you or someone you know is suffering from prescription drug addiction, you are not alone. At Atlantic Recovery Center, our trained professionals are experienced in treating these kinds of addictions. Help is available and you can get through this. Please reach out for more information today.

Get the Help That You Need

Please call 1-866-824-5193 if you are addicted to one of the most prescribed drugs. Our small facility provides an intimate recovery atmosphere with a small group of dedicated recovery experts. And we focus on positive aftercare and other high-quality treatments. So please verify your insurance to get started at Atlantic Recovery Center. Rehab can save your life and turn it around for good.