Opiate addiction is difficult to overcome. Going to a quality drug rehab is the first step to recovery. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we offer different levels of addiction treatment in Florida to meet your recovery needs.

What to Look For In an Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

Choosing the right opiate addiction treatment program is essential.

A few things to look for are:

  • Different treatment levels
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Family and Group Therapies
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Teaches life skills
  • Individualized treatment

Different Levels of Treatment

Not everyone needs the same level of treatment. The best opiate addiction treatment program for you will be one that meets your treatment needs. Residential treatment programs are great for those with a severe addiction, because it removes the temptation to use drugs. Partial hospitalization programs give you the structure of a residential program but still allow you to live at home. Intensive outpatient programs can give you lots of support while still allowing you to maintain your life and responsibilities.

Dual Diagnosis

Often, mental health issues occur along with substance abuse issues. Our opiate addiction treatment program includes mental health professionals that can diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health issues. Treating both problems is essential to a lasting recovery. Many addictions begin as an attempt to self-medicate a mental health issue.

Family and Group Therapy

Therapy is an essential part of an opiate addiction treatment program. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we focus not just on the individual, but on the family as well. Our clients participate in family therapy sessions. This can help repair relationships and allow family members to better understand addiction. It also helps create a strong support network that will benefit the client long after they leave the rehab facility.

opiate addiction treatment programGroup therapy is also beneficial. Clients can talk with peers that are facing similar issues. It can give you hope and allow you to learn from others who are in recovery. It also gives you an opportunity to practice new skills that you are learning in rehab.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Comfortable facilities are an often overlooked aspect of an opiate addiction treatment program in Davie FL. Recovery will be easier if you are comfortable with where you are, whether you are currently staying there or simply attending outpatient rehab. Facilities should feel inviting and peaceful. We have a modern facility with amenities that make you feel at home and beautiful grounds that allow you to enjoy nature.

Recreation Therapy

At first glance, recreation therapy has little to do with an opiate addiction treatment program. However, they are an important part of treatment. Many times, those in active addiction forget how to have fun apart from using drugs. Recreation therapy allows you to enjoy yourself in a safe setting. They can also give you a creative outlet, reduce stress, and improve your social skills. Recreational therapy can also increase your physical health by encouraging you to be more active.

Teaches Life Skills

The purpose of attending an opiate addiction treatment program is to be able to live a sober life once you have completed the program. Ideally, your recovery program will teach you the skills you need to live a sober life. These can include coping skills, job skills, social skills, and general life skills. These skills will help you to lead a fulfilling life clean and sober after you leave rehab.

Individualized Treatment

Recovery is a very personal process. No two people have the exact same challenges and needs. A beneficial opiate addiction program will learn about your unique situation, and tailor a program to fit your needs. You should receive an individualized treatment plan, based on your personal strengths, weaknesses, desires, and challenges.

Begin the Road to Recovery

Opiates don’t have to control your life any longer. Choose our opiate addiction treatment program in Davie, FLtoday. Contact us at (855) 875-0664, and begin your road to recovery.