Among the many prescription drugs that pharmaceutical companies make, opioids are the most abused in America. As a result, millions of people find themselves looking for an opioid addiction treatment program. However, what makes an opioid rehab program stand out among the rest? In order to understand, people have to learn about opioids.

What Are Opioids?troubled woman on couch talks to therapist in an opioid addiction treatment program

Opioids are a specific class of drugs that come from or imitate drugs that come from the opium poppy plant. When people consume opioids, the chemical balance in their brain changes. An imbalance makes them feel good and reduces the feeling of pain. In fact, these effects are the reason most opioids that people abuse are prescription pain pills.

However, not all opioids are prescription pain pills. For example, heroin fits into this drug category. It’s an illegal street drug that also blocks pain signals.

In any case, opioids are addictive and can cause numerous health problems. Some potential problems include collapsed veins, weakened immune system, and coma. Unfortunately, it can also cause slowed breathing to the point of death.

Once people develop an addiction to opioids, they must visit an opioid addiction treatment program Davie, FL offers to recover. Choosing the right prescription drug treatment center can help them recover quicker.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

In most cases, people don’t want to get help for drug addiction. They don’t want to deal with substance abuse treatment programs. Such situations require interventions to convince them. Persuading them is important because the treatment does no good if they don’t want to change. Then, families can look for an opioid addiction treatment program Davie, FL has.

Trying to overcome opioid addiction is no laughing matter. It requires a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Eventually, people can learn to control the disease and live normal lives. However, what kind of opioid addiction treatment program should people look for?

Medication-Assisted Treatment

One popular treatment option for people who struggle with opioids is medication to make the process easier. Some clinics provide specific drugs that take the edge off of quitting opioids. For example, methadone in combination with counseling can make overcoming opioids easier and safer.


Speaking of counseling, therapy is an important part of addiction recovery. In fact, it’s hard to find a partial hospitalization program Davie, FL offers that doesn’t include counseling. It helps people address the cause of addiction. Without taking that step, they stand a greater risk of relapsing.

In addition, people should continue going to counseling after they complete rehab. The reason is that addiction doesn’t just disappear. It’s a lifelong mental illness that they have to manage. However, counseling can keep them on the right track.

Atlantic Recovery Center Can Help With Opioid Addiction

In order to recover from opioid addiction, you need to find a rehab center that puts your needs first. Thankfully, Atlantic Recovery Center can provide access to all of the tools that you need. Our staff members want to provide the guidance that you require to overcome addiction. Our goal is to also help you avoid relapse.

However, what makes Atlantic Recovery Center one of the best in Davie? We believe that our selection of programs and services separates us from the rest. Our staff members work hard to create a custom treatment that addresses your individual needs. A few examples of the programs that we provide include:

Learn what it takes to finally gain control over addiction. Find the opioid addiction treatment program that best fits your needs at Atlantic Recovery Center. Reach out to us anytime on our website or call us at (855) 875-0664.