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How to Find Outpatient Aftercare Programs in South Florida

The recipe for overcoming drug addiction or substance abuse is different for everyone, but it can be summed up with four primary principles: detoxification, medication, therapy, and aftercare. It doesn’t matter who you are; those four aspects of treatment will likely play a significant role in your recovery.

The detoxification process, also known as a detox, is designed to rid your body of any and all drugs or harmful substances. From there, medication and therapy helps patients cope with any withdrawal symptoms while also changing certain behaviors and thought patterns. 

Once the patient completes the detox program, they choose between an inpatient and outpatient rehab program – which usually consists of more medication (if needed), therapy, counseling, and behavioral changes. For some, this can continue for weeks, months, or even years. 

What Are Outpatient Aftercare Programs?

Outpatient aftercare programs are reserved for patients who have completed rehab treatment but would like continued support as they transition back into a normal lifestyle and routine. This eases the transition for the patient and helps reduce the chance of relapse after leaving rehab. 

With relapse rates from 40 to 60% once a person leaves rehab, it’s important we don’t give up on patients who complete treatment. That’s where an outpatient aftercare program comes into play.

Outpatient Programs: an outpatient program does not require the patient to live in a controlled environment. Instead, patients return home when treatment is done for the day.

Aftercare Programs: an aftercare program provides continuing support, resources, and professional guidance to patients that finish their initial rehab treatment, such as an inpatient or an outpatient program.

In regards to drug addiction and substance abuse, outpatient aftercare programs in South Florida are designed to keep patients motivated and inspired to continue their sobriety after completing rehab. When combined with the initial treatment, aftercare can be life-changing. 

The Many Benefits of Aftercare Programs

South Florida aftercare programs significantly reduce relapse rates and ensure patients remain on the path toward long-term sobriety. Instead of throwing them to the wolves when they leave rehab, aftercare programs keep them honest and hold them accountable. 

Let’s take a look at all the many benefits of aftercare programs for addiction recovery:

  • Members can easily transition back into a normal routine as a part of society
  • By attending an aftercare program, members reduce their chances of relapse
  • Members can easily stay in touch with therapists, counselors, doctors, and other professionals that helped them through recovery
  • Members receive valuable guidance and access to valuable materials to continue their treatment post-rehab
  • Members take part in a number of social events throughout the year
  • Some aftercare programs help members find opportunities for work and school after leaving rehab
  • An aftercare program is designed to hold members accountable once they leave rehab

Your support group will still give you the space and freedom to make your own decisions, but they’ll stay by your side when you need them most. Not only that but you’ll get invited to a number of exciting events throughout the year, which may or may not include:

  • Cook-outs, barbecues, brunches, dinners, breakfasts, buffets, and other food-related activities
  • Facebook groups, chat rooms, video messaging, and other online-related gatherings
  • Camping, glamping, hiking, retreats, vacations, getaways, and other nature-related gatherings
  • Volunteering and other charity-related events
  • Sports leagues, sports games, group fitness classes, exercise groups, and other sports-related activities
  • Movie nights, arts-and-crafts, and other gatherings

Most rehab facilities offer a number of aftercare opportunities for patients to take advantage of, but the rehab alumni program remains one of the most popular. You’ll be connected with other rehab alumni – and potential friends – who share a similar story of triumph over addiction.

How to Find Outpatient Aftercare Programs in South Florida

Are you looking for a South Florida rehab facility that offers quality outpatient aftercare programs in South Florida? Do you need a rehab facility that goes above and beyond what’s typically expected during addiction treatment? Contact us if you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions!

At Atlantic Recovery Center, we take pride in providing individualized, personalized, tailored, and customized treatment for those that need it most. We specialize in substance abuse and mental health treatment – including a residential program that offers an intimate recovery experience. 

For those that finish their treatment with us, they have the option of entering our South Florida aftercare program or alumni program. This gives patients the opportunity to continue their treatment even after they leave our rehab facility. Contact us to learn more about our programs!

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