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Rebuilding Relationships After Rehab

As scary as addiction is, sometimes, rebuilding relationships after rehab can be just as frightening. If you’re in recovery, and you’re wondering how to right the wrongs that took place as collateral damage to your addiction, take comfort in knowing that it’s entirely possible, but it takes work.
Family therapy and group therapy are beautiful places to start as long as everyone involved is willing. It takes effort on both sides to repair relationships after rehab, but it’s an effort worth making.

The Reality of Relationships After Rehab

For quite some time, you’ve probably only had one or two things on your mind. First, it was your addiction, and now it’s recovery, and that is entirely okay. You cannot get sober if you don’t focus on you.

Leaving an addiction treatment program means you have a new, incredible, sober life to live, but it also means picking up the pieces you left behind. It’s doubtful that you’ve left many relationships intact, and again, that’s okay because you can absolutely get them back on track.

From co-workers to family members, you’ve left a lot of destruction in the wake of your addiction. It’s time to take the steps needed to repair it.

Exhibit Your Best Listening Skills

It might be painful to hear about the past in an uncontrolled setting, which is why family therapy comes highly recommended after rehab, but regardless, it’s time for you to listen. Remember, there is plenty of pain on both sides, and they need room to express their hurt to you freely.
Offer your genuine apologies, but mostly, offer an ear. They need to say it as much as you need to hear it.

Be Actively Apologetic

In a recovery situation, making amends to those that you’ve wronged is the right thing to do. Lies, outright deception, and even theft tend to accompany an addiction. These are all things you can make up for if you take the time to do it.

However, your words will only take you so far. If you’re genuinely ready to make intense repairs to your relationships after rehab and leave the past where it belongs, your actions will speak louder than your words. Group therapy is an excellent place for inspiration because most people in your session are likely in the same boat.

Dedicate Time to Effective Communication

Great relationships thrive on efficient communication because, without it, good intentions and each person’s needs get lost in the shuffle of daily life. As challenging as it might be, talk openly to those you love.

Ask them what they need, and don’t sit on subjects that might be bothering you. Please encourage them to do the same. Clear communication establishes a better connection in every relationship, not just intimate ones.

Rebuild Relationships After Rehab

Relationships after rehab require a complete rebuild of trust, and that will only happen if you both put in the time. Be genuine, and you’ll see change for the better begin to take place over time. To communicate more effectively, you can:

  • Set time aside to talk
  • Pick up on body language, tone, and non-verbal cues
  • Don’t try to be a mind-reader, ask them questions
  • Remember this time, it’s not about you
  • Listen to what they need from you

Take Back Your Life at Atlantic Recovery Center

At Atlantic Recovery Center, we’ve seen the intense emotional, physical, and mental damage that addiction can cause to the relationships of those in recovery. We have group and family therapy sessions available and encourage you to take the first step toward healing your relationships after rehab.

Call Atlantic Recovery Center at 1-866-824-5193 today to speak with our staff. The next chapter of your life is waiting.