group of people at an alumni program

Alumni Program

When you graduate from high school or college, you become an alumnus, meaning that you have joined others who successfully received their diplomas. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we believe that your accomplishments in recovery deserve similar recognition. You also may find it useful to stay in touch with other “graduates” from our substance abuse treatment programs. By…

man suffering from depression and drug abuse

Depression and Drug Abuse

At the Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, our clients often have co-occurring issues with depression and drug abuse. Our dual diagnosis treatment program offers holistic and traditional approaches to help you overcome both disorders. Additionally, combined with our other treatment options, this gives you the best opportunity to cope with the underlying cause of your…

child showing childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Childhood trauma can leave deep scars that impact you later in life. Growing evidence suggests a strong correlation between childhood trauma and addiction. At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, we offer a number of customized programs to help you discover underlying trauma that contributes to your addiction through our addiction treatment programs. What Is Childhood…