man and woman on a date one of them is dating an alcoholic

The Challenges of Dating an Alcoholic

Millions of people are dating an alcoholic and trying to make a tough situation work. However, the problems inherent in this situation are very complex and might be beyond control. That’s why we at Atlantic Recovery Center created this simple guide. Readers will learn about the dangers of alcoholism, the symptoms of this disease, and how rehab…

woman and therapist demonstrating what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy? And How Does It Help Addiction?

The term “psychotherapy” is often a misunderstood one, particularly when treating addiction. As a result, it is worth asking the questions, “What is psychotherapy, and how does it help with addiction?” At Atlantic Recovery Center, you’ll learn more about this care option. You’ll also get an insight into its many variations and how they can…

therapist helping man in understanding dual diagnosis treatment

Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug addiction and mental health problems are never simple. There are almost always many different underlying issues that you need to address. Therefore, understanding dual diagnosis treatment is important. This methodology has become one of the most important ways of dealing with addiction. Fully understanding its impact can help your rehabilitation with us. Understanding Dual Diagnosis…

woman sitting against a wall with pills at her feet struggling with mental health and substance abuse

Mental Health and Substance Abuse: The Tight Connection

Over the years, drug and rehab specialists have worked to understand the connections between mental health and substance abuse. These two concerns often form a tight-knit abuse cycle that can be hard to escape. That’s why we at Atlantic Recovery Center prepared this article. Read through it to learn more about the connection between these problems and…