A man sits on his bed with his hands covering face as he wonders what is a process addiction

What is a Process Addiction?

Addictive disorders encompass more than drugs and alcohol. However, an individual does not have to suffer physical signs of addiction. Process addictions also referred to as behavioral addictions, encompass compulsive behaviors resulting in negative consequences for a person. What is a process addiction, and how can you recognize the signs? Understanding What a Process Addiction…

A man lays in his bed and sadly thinks about the symptoms of depression

Symptoms of Depression: Recognize and Treat This Debilitating Disorder

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects millions of Americans each year. Symptoms of depression include persistent sadness, hopelessness, and defeat. These feelings are painful to endure day after day. Consequently, depression is often a forerunner of substance use disorder because people self-medicate in the hopes of feeling better. But, drugs that are used without a prescription, or…

A woman comforts her friend as they talk about the symptoms of anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety

For most people, anxiety is the body’s natural way of handling stressful situations. Although most people think of anxiety as a negative emotion, it can motivate someone to find positive solutions to problems. However, anxiety can get out of control. When left untreated, the symptoms of anxiety can paralyze a person emotionally and lead to…

A man talks to his doctor about residential vs outpatient treatment

Residential vs Outpatient Treatment

Treatment for addiction typically falls into two main categories: residential vs. outpatient treatment. Both types of treatments help you sustain long-term recovery. However, there are differences, and knowing them is crucial to suit your individual needs. The primary consideration is whether you need ongoing 24/7 supervision for your addiction. If you choose residential treatment, you…