a woman hugging a loved one while family healing during recovery

Family Healing During Recovery

During recovery from addiction, it can be very important to focus on more than just yourself. Addiction can cause issues in family dynamics, inclusing a loss of trust and communication issues. Past trauma can contribute to both substance abuse and family problems as well. That’s why family healing during recovery is so important. It provides…

a woman trying to figure out why she struggles with anxiety and alcohol

Anxiety and Alcohol: Which Comes First?

Many people with anxiety struggle with alcohol addiction and many people who struggle with alcohol addiction also experience anxiety. Does one cause the other? When discussing the connection between anxiety and alcohol, one has to consider treatment options for both conditions. For many people, this treatment is vital for long-term recovery. If you think that…

a woman thinking about common anxiety disorders

Common Anxiety Disorders That Accompany Addiction

You may have heard friends or family members talk about a dual diagnosis disorder. Generally, a dual diagnosis disorder occurs when someone suffering from substance use disorder is also diagnosed with a separate medical condition. Often, this is an anxiety disorder. Common anxiety disorders affect millions of adults in the United States every year. They’re some…