Carmen Palacios-Camacho, LMHC is a therapist who has worked with a variety of populations struggling with mental health and co-occurring disorders for over 10 years. She helps clients increase self-motivation to change in order to live a drug free lifestyle. This blog has been medically reviewed by Kiera Cordiano MS, LMHC.

group holding hands showing a support system for recovery

Support System for Recovery

Your support system gives you the encouragement you need to work your program after you return home from treatment. At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, we create a support system for recovery through our licensed therapists and attentive staff, as well as group therapy sessions with your peers. With a support system, you are less…

therapist helping man in understanding dual diagnosis treatment

Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug addiction and mental health problems are never simple. There are almost always many different underlying issues that you need to address. Therefore, understanding dual diagnosis treatment is important. This methodology has become one of the most important ways of dealing with addiction. Fully understanding its impact can help your rehabilitation with us. Understanding Dual Diagnosis…