A man talks to his doctor about residential vs outpatient treatment

Residential vs Outpatient Treatment

Treatment for addiction typically falls into two main categories: residential vs. outpatient treatment. Both types of treatments help you sustain long-term recovery. However, there are differences, and knowing them is crucial to suit your individual needs. The primary consideration is whether you need ongoing 24/7 supervision for your addiction. If you choose residential treatment, you…

A man practices spirituality in recovery by meditating by a lake

The Importance of Feeding Your Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality in recovery is important, regardless of religious affiliation. Though many people confuse the two, spirituality actually focuses on the human spirit rather than on some religious denomination’s doctrine. Caring for your spirit during recovery is vital, which is where many 12-step approaches come into play. Learning to care for yourself and others will help you…

A pile of heroin supplies makes the user wonder about the heroin epidemic statistics

Understanding Heroin Epidemic Statistics and the Impact on Treatment

The abuse of heroin is an ongoing epidemic in the United States. People who abuse heroin begin their addiction journey with prescription pain medication after an illness or injury. Heroin is a synthetic opioid and provides a similar high to that created when you abuse prescription drug medication. As a more affordable alternative to prescription…