A woman comforts her friend as they talk about the symptoms of anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety

For most people, anxiety is the body’s natural way of handling stressful situations. Although most people think of anxiety as a negative emotion, it can motivate someone to find positive solutions to problems. However, anxiety can get out of control. When left untreated, the symptoms of anxiety can paralyze a person emotionally and lead to…

As a young woman talks to her therapist, she wonders do I need dual diagnosis treatment

Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

An underlying mental health disorder sometimes drives drug or alcohol addiction and other types of addictive behaviors. As such, getting addiction treatment alone is not enough to end the problem. Therefore, asking, “Do I need dual diagnosis treatment?” helps you to find out what level of care you need to overcome addiction. If you decide…

substance abuse treatment center philadelphia pa

Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Philadelphia, PA

Are you battling substance abuse and looking for help? You may be looking for a substance abuse treatment center in Philadelphia, PA. However, a Philadelphia treatment center may not be the right choice for you. Instead, choose the highly qualified treatment center at Atlantic Recovery Center in Davie, Florida. Contents1 What is Substance Abuse?2 Our…