female doctor talks to concerned female patient and answers the question can a rehab aftercare program help prevent relapse

Can a Rehab Aftercare Program Help Prevent Relapse?

Saying that addiction is a complex and frustrating mental health condition is an understatement. In fact, most people don’t understand that addiction is a disease that plagues people their entire lives. However, addiction treatment programs can give them a better chance of avoiding relapse. It’s common for people to ask, “Can a rehab aftercare program…

methamphetamine vs amphetamine

Methamphetamine vs Amphetamine

Methamphetamine and amphetamine are both stimulants that have medicinal uses. However, they are often used recreationally. It is possible to become addicted to these substances. If you or someone you love are addicted to methamphetamine or amphetamine, you should contact a drug addiction treatment center in Plantation, Florida. Methamphetamine vs Amphetamine Amphetamines are a stimulants.…

male therapist takes notes on a clipboard about florida substance abuse and addiction statistics

Florida Substance Abuse and Addiction Statistics

Substance abuse and addiction are problems all over the country, and Florida is no exception. In fact, there are many alarming Florida substance abuse and addiction statistics that the public should know. Substance use disorder isn’t an uncommon problem and is shaking the very core of society. Florida Substance Abuse and Addiction Statistics Substance abuse…