pills and alcohol showing the danger of benzos and alcohol

Benzos and Alcohol

At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, we offer comprehensive addiction treatment programs for our clients. It is difficult enough to overcome one addiction. However, you may have a polysubstance use disorder with a dependency on more than one substance, such as benzos and alcohol. Learn the dangers of mixing these two drugs and how you…

moms talking about wine mom culture

Wine Mom Culture

Wine mom culture emerged with the tongue-in-cheek Facebook group called “Moms Who Need Wine,” which has more than 700,000 members. Moms share funny memes and other content about how much wine mothers need to raise children. This is just one group that glorifies alcohol and alcoholism among women. It can be especially damaging for women…

a woman traveling and understanding recovery

Understanding Recovery and Why Persistent Care is Essential

Drug addiction therapy has evolved over time from a very simple concept to reduce negative behaviors, to a comprehensive, strategic care plan that treats an individual’s mental health. As we’ve come to better understand addiction, we’ve realized that many people need help understanding recovery and all of the ins and outs involved. This simple guide…


How Substance Abuse Harms Relationships and How to Recover

The destructive nature of drug addiction is something that you need to take very seriously because it can affect all of your relationships in adverse ways. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a relationship with family members, none of your relationships are safe from the harms of substance abuse. Therefore, it is crucial…