a young woman concerned about the common mental health disorders

6 Common Mental Health Disorders

Experts say that mental illnesses are a health condition characterized by alterations in behavior, thinking, and emotion. Unfortunately, those changes end up causing problems with personal relationships, work relationships, career advancement, or even legal trouble. Many adults in the United States experience some form of mental illness at some point in their lives. Furthermore, adults…

woman going through stress and relapse

Stress and Relapse

By learning to manage your stress, you can reduce your risk of relapse. At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, our substance abuse treatment programs teach you the connection between stress and relapse, as well as healthy ways to relieve the pressures of daily life. In therapy, we can give you the coping skills and tools you need…

group of people at an alumni program

Alumni Program

When you graduate from high school or college, you become an alumnus, meaning that you have joined others who successfully received their diplomas. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we believe that your accomplishments in recovery deserve similar recognition. You also may find it useful to stay in touch with other “graduates” from our substance abuse treatment programs. By…

group holding hands showing a support system for recovery

Support System for Recovery

Your support system gives you the encouragement you need to work your program after you return home from treatment. At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, we create a support system for recovery through our licensed therapists and attentive staff, as well as group therapy sessions with your peers. With a support system, you are less…