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Rehab Centers

A rehab center is a place where those with substance abuse problems go to heal. It is a safe place where you can repair addiction’s damage and address any underlying issues. It allows you to hit the reset button on your life. In addition, it offers you a fresh start with a bright future. You will begin to learn how to live life clean and sober.

Do I Need Rehab?

This question is one only you, and a trained professional can answer for sure. Chances are, you already know the answer. We define addiction as a compulsive, chronic need for a habit-forming behavior that has harmful consequences. If you are using a substance and it has adverse effects on your life, then you should speak with a professional at one of the local rehab centers.

There are some signs that you should look into rehab centers. They include:

  • Obsessive thoughts about your drug/drugs of choice
  • Using the majority of your resources (time, money, energy) in getting or using the drug
  • A dramatic increase in the amount you use (dosage and/or frequency) from when you began
  • Your relationships with friends and family are deteriorating
  • You experience frequent bouts of depression or anxiety
  • You have legal trouble related to drug use (possession, theft, distributing)

How Will I Spend My Time?

All rehab centers have their schedules, with some being more structured than others. However, you can expect to spend time learning about your addiction, developing coping skills, self-reflection, and individual and group therapy. Our center offers recreational therapy and music and art therapy as well.

Besides the structured time, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the grounds. We have a swimming pool and garden areas where you can relax and enjoy what nature has to offer.

If you have a mental disorder along with addiction, you will receive help for both issues when you attend rehab. You will spend part of your time treating your mental disorder. This treatment will help you build a strong foundation for a happy and drug-free life when you leave rehab.

What Possession Do We Allow in Rehab Centers?

If you are going into residential treatment, packing your bags is an important step. You’ll generally need seven days’ worth of clothing, with consideration for changes in the weather. You’ll also want to bring clothes and shoes that you can be active in, as you will likely be participating in physical activity. Many rehabs have a dress code that prohibits revealing or offensive clothing.

Toiletries are generally allowed. Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives) aren’t allowed in most rehab centers. Drugs that a doctor prescribed you are usually allowed, but you may have to check them with the staff. We will hold anything that isn’t allowed until you graduate rehab, then it will be returned to you. It’s a good idea to bring a few comforting things from home. These items can include pictures, a favorite pillow or blanket, or a cherished book.

If you are entering an outpatient program, keep in mind that the rules on what’s allowed at the facility will apply to you as well. Be sure that you don’t bring any prohibited items when you attend.

Why Should I Choose Atlantic Recovery Center?

Atlantic Recovery Center is a small facility with a family atmosphere. Bigger isn’t always better. Our small size allows us to tailor treatment for each client. It also allows for strong bonds to form between the client and staff as well as other clients. If you would like to learn more about our center and how we can help you end your struggle with addiction, call us today at 1-866-824-5193.