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Safety at Rehab

Providing Safety at Rehab Centers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Safety at rehab is a hot topic as these facilities provide a haven for people struggling with substance abuse addiction during the COVID-19 outbreak period. Quarantine at rehab centers is the new typical accommodation arrangement in place that contributes to the overall wellness of all residents.

However, with few outpatient and medically-assisted treatment (MAT) choices and inadequate state resources, residential treatment maybe even more in demand amid coronavirus.

Drug Addiction and Treatment in the US

Addiction is a real problem. Surprisingly, only 10% of addicts in the US get the necessary help. Whether it is illicit drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol, addiction has taken a toll on the lives of many. The opioid crisis only magnifies the problem.

However, misapprehensions still linger around rehab facilities. Many individuals mistake these centers for prisons where people are denied their liberties and privileges. Safety at rehab is guaranteed since a reputable rehabilitation facility provides a harmless, supervised, and organized setting. These standards are essential for enabling better environments for recovery.

In case you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction, it’s not the end of the world; you can fight and defeat it. However, you may need professional help. At rehab, you’ll receive a variety of treatment options, such as:

Warning Signs of an Unscrupulous Rehab Facility

There are several signs you should look out for when searching for rehab. Several signs indicate all is not well, including:

  • Misleading websites or adverts that don’t specify the rehabilitation services on offer
  • An enticement with free rent for off-site accommodation where other clients reside
  • Expensive daily money-milking lab tests
  • Shoddy or lack of inquiry into your drug-treatment history
  • Client brokers

A rehabilitation facility that doesn’t provide safe and protected accommodations jeopardizes the well-being and the healing process of its clients.

Reasons for Maintaining Safety at Rehab

When a person decides to seek professional help for their addiction problem, they’re generally at their most helpless state. For a few weeks or months, they hand over their security and well-being to professionals in charge of their recuperation and recovery.

The chemical that triggered the addiction has to get out of their bloodstream. Although all patients require attention, those with chronic addictions need continuous monitoring. This is to avoid the possibility of any rough or lethal withdrawal symptoms.

Since rehab aims to restore your normal psychological and physical functions, an environment conducive to therapy is necessary. This is because the addicts need to feel safe to disclose the most affectionate, intimate, and disturbing fragments of their lives to an unfamiliar person.

In such a situation, it’s essential to get the observation, nursing, and security that properly expedite your healing and well-being. This implies that there is a need to have rehab facilities that observe 24-hour safety regulations.

Features of Safety at Rehab

Atlantic Recovery Center features firm guidelines against events that might otherwise interfere with the appropriate recovery atmosphere, for instance, sexual-related distractions and substance use.

Additionally, apart from cleanliness, a secure rehab space is one that is free from precarious barricades that could put the lives of residents at risk. There should be routine inspection and certification of its premises and qualified support and clinical staff.

Extra consideration for all responsible recovery centers is an accountable staff. The engaged team ensures that patients keep an eye on suggested professional treatment plans. If a client wants to leave the rehab center, prearranged caretakers take all measures to prevent the person from going against the experts’ recommendations.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, people struggling with substance abuse disorders can find safety at rehab. Don’t let addiction take over your life. Contact us today at 1-866-824-5193, and we’ll get you started on recovery.