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Rehab Programs

Extended Residential Program

Rehab Programs

Our Extended Residential Program

Atlantic Recovery Center offers an extended residential program in Davie, FL for individuals seeking structured care for their mental and addiction disorders. Our program helps clients learn to manage their substance abuse issues while learning the skills needed to reintegrate into a healthy daily life successfully.


How an Extended Care Residential Program Works

Some rehabilitation facilities only offer clients a chance to stay for a few weeks. For many, that is not enough time to help them work through the problems leading them to abuse substances. Recovering individuals need a safe place that provides 24-7 structure and support.

The extended care program offered by Atlantic Recovery Center fills that need for people. We take a family approach to tailoring the care for each person’s issues. All residents learn coping techniques that will help them manage triggers they will face once they leave our facility.

Clients have the option of staying longer than a standard short-term visit. The actual extent of a stay depends on the clinical assessment offered by our team of professionals. They evaluate each client’s issues and work with them on choosing the best treatment options to service their healing.

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The more that you learn about Atlantic Recovery Center, the more that you’ll see that our facility is for you. Since a rehab center is only as good as its services, our staff offers programs that meet your needs.

What We Offer

Atlantic Recovery Center is more intimate than most, having only seven beds available at a time. The extended care residential program is part of the full continuum of care offered to clients. Many go on to participate in our outpatient rehab programs to continue receiving the support needed to live a healthy, focused lifestyle.

Clients live on the grounds of our Davies, FL center. By keeping our space small, we can give each client more individual focus when it comes to executing their specialized treatment plan. Furthermore, we believe the best way of ensuring each resident’s success is by giving them our full attention and making their recovery our top priority.

The Benefits

Residents get the opportunity to live in a drug-free environment. Also, we remove them from the influence of others who may not help them make healthy choices. Clients can remove themselves from harmful situations and have space to think clearly about their current situation.

Without those influences, we give each resident the chance to flourish and find a new sense of self. An extended care residential program gives people extra time to learn and practice the skills needed to resist triggers that could drive them to a relapse.

Other Residential Treatment Programs

Anyone looking for residential treatment services in Davie, FL should feel free to visit Atlantic Recovery center. We also offer several traditional and alternative therapy programs meant to address the entire spectrum of a client’s disorders. In addition, individuals dealing with substance abuse problems often have other mental disorders like depression or anxiety driving their actions.

Every staff member feels an investment in the success of each client. Therefore, our programs offer individuals the care and resources needed to succeed in recovery. For instance, some of the services provided by our Davies, FL residential treatment facility include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Group and individual counseling
  • Recreational therapy
  • Music and art therapy

You do not have to continue feeling alone in your struggle towards sobriety and stability. We make sure each of our clients feels supported at each step.

what we offer

Our Treatment Options

Help Beyond Our Extended Residential Program in Davie, FL

Atlantic Recovery Center offers many of the same services through our outpatient treatment program. Clients can continue receiving a high level of care once they leave our extended residential program. They also have the option of participating in 12-step groups, joining our aftercare program, or moving into a sober living environment to continue having a safe space for their recovery.

Contact Atlantic Recovery Center today at 1-866-824-5193. You can find out more about our extended residential program and how it might fit into your current journey towards a better way of living.

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We aim to help everyone who contacts us. Whether our program makes sense for you or not, we will help you find the best treatment options that work best for your personal needs.