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Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Copper City, FL

Drug abuse is an epidemic in the U.S. In Florida, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol has been the top concerns. However, Fentanyl and Fentanyl analog overdose deaths are increasing at an alarming rate. Deaths from fentanyl have multiplied seven times from 2013 to 2017. Florida ranks 17th in the nation for drug overdose deaths. Drug addiction is treatable. At Atlantic recovery center, our substance abuse treatment center in Copper City, Fl, we provide a safe environment to help you end your addiction.

What Makes Atlantic Recovery Center Different?

Perhaps you are wondering why you should choose our facility. Maybe you have gone to rehab before, and are hoping for a different experience this time. First and foremost, we genuinely care about our clients. You will be welcomed in with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Our care team works closely with clients. Our facility is relatively small, allowing clients to develop close relationships with the staff and each other. We take a family-style approach to care. Our compassion and understanding motivates us to help people just like you.

Our substance abuse treatment center in Copper City, Fl has all the comforts of home. We believe that you recover better in a peaceful, serene, and attractive environment. Our facilities are modern, luxurious, and comfortable. You’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful landscaping, palm trees, and outdoor seating areas where you can relax. If you are searching for serenity, you will find it here among the sunshine, palms, and friendly caring staff.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Copper City Fl

We know how difficult taking the first step out of addiction can be. You may not even know where to begin, or what level of care you need. Our staff is caring, friendly, and always willing to help. We offer different levels of treatment at our substance abuse treatment center in Copper City, Fl, so you can get the standard of care that’s right for you. If you require detox as a part of your journey, you can complete your detox at Serenity House, our partner facility.

We have three different levels of care: residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. Residential is the best choice if you have a severe addiction. You’ll stay at our substance abuse treatment center in Copper City, Fl, and receive top care for your addiction and any co-occurring mental issues you might have. You’ll have 24-7 access to our staff to give you the best start to your recovery.

Partial hospitalization allows you to spend your days at our facility working on your recovery Monday through Saturday, but go home each night. If you have family obligations, don’t feel comfortable living at the facility, or have a less severe addiction, partial hospitalization may be the right choice for you. The treatment level is similar to that of residential, but you do not live at the facility.

Intensive outpatient clients spend less time at the facility than those that choose partial hospitalization. However, they still receive intensive treatment and support for their addiction.

Which Program Is Right For You?

In addition to the severity of your addiction, we will consider your support system and family obligations when we determine which program is right for you. If you don’t have a reliable support system, you may be more likely to succeed with a more intensive program that offers you support during your recovery. The program must also be something you can commit to for some time. Our substance abuse treatment center in Copper City, FL will consider your current obligations, including your job or career and family members under your care.

Aftercare Program

Once you have completed a treatment program, you are eligible for aftercare. An aftercare program can help you to form or maintain a healthy support system. You will meet with others who are also in recovery. Aftercare involves enjoyable activities that keep you busy and remind you that being sober can be fun. We may hold these at our substance abuse treatment center in Copper City, FL, or the surrounding area.

Contact Atlantic Recovery Center

Beating your addiction starts with choosing the right rehab facility. Contact us at 1-866-824-5193 today, and find out if we are right for you.