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When people discuss the most dangerous drugs on the street, heroin typically comes up in the conversation. While many drugs are dangerous, heroin is one of the most affordable and deadly in the country. For those with heroin addiction, finding a heroin addiction treatment program is their best option to recover. However, how do they choose the right rehab center to meet their needs?

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What is Heroin and How Do People Use it?

Heroin is an illegal drug that comes from morphine, which is a naturally occurring substance. On the street, people typically sell heroin as either a white or brown powder. Most of the time, though, dealers add other substances so that they can make bigger profits. For example, the drug might include a mix of powdered milk, cornstarch, or sugar.

Heroin itself has a bitter taste. In most cases, though, people don’t simply eat heroin. Usually, they dilute, dissolve, and inject the drug directly into their veins. Over time, this method of use makes their veins collapse. Because of that, they start injecting the solution into other places under the skin, such as between their toes.

Regardless of how people use heroin, the drug is dangerous and addictive. It doesn’t take long for them to develop an addiction to it. In fact, it catches many teens by surprise, and they do everything possible to hide it. For this reason, it’s important to know the signs that teens have an addiction.

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The more that you learn about our Davie, Florida drug rehab, the more that you’ll see that our facility is for you. Since a rehab center is only as good as its services, our staff offers programs that meet your needs.

Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

What makes a heroin addiction treatment program Davie, FL offers great? Unfortunately, most people don’t know the answer. After all, it’s not every day that they need a heroin rehab program.

One thing to consider is the location of the rehab center. A heroin addiction treatment program Davie, FL has is close to Fort Lauderdale. There, people can enjoy fun in the sun and get their minds off addiction for a little while. Combined with the luxury and comfort of a high-quality facility, they have a good recipe for success.

Beyond the location, people have to consider the programs that a rehab center offers. For example, is it an outpatient or residential drug and alcohol rehab Davie, FL offers? In either case, each program works best when the facility caters to people’s individual needs. Customizing the experience involves offering gender-specific options.

Lastly, a heroin rehab center needs to focus on the underlying causes of addiction. People don’t usually wake up one day and decide that they want to have an addiction. Usually, something in their lives leads them down that path.

For example, some people struggle with underlying mental disorders. Instead of seeking help, they turn to drugs, such as heroin, to relieve their symptoms and feel better. When a facility doesn’t address these issues, people are susceptible to relapse.

Overcome Heroin Addiction at Atlantic Recovery Center

What does it take to overcome heroin or any other drug addiction? It takes finding a heroin addiction treatment program that puts your needs first. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we strive to address your individual concerns. In fact, you can’t find our customized rehab experience at any other facility.

However, what do we offer beyond customized treatment? After all, a rehab center is only as good as the programs that it offers. Atlantic Recovery Center uses a wide array of services. A small selection of them includes:

  • Intensive outpatient rehab
  • Outpatient rehab treatment
  • Group and individual therapy
  • 12-step rehab
  • Aftercare treatment

Heroin is one of the fastest-acting and most abused opioids in the United States. Most heroin abusers use the drug because it is more potent and less expensive than other painkillers. However, it is more dangerous. Heroin overdose is a possibility for abusers because it is impossible to measure what they are taking and how strong the dose is. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2019, nearly 20 percent of drug overdose deaths involved heroin. Heroin addiction is challenging to overcome without help. Inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab is often the most beneficial treatment for someone who is heroin-dependent.

Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction

Treating heroin dependence is possible. There are many options for addiction treatment to overcome substance abuse and drug addiction. Some treatment options for heroin may include medication, behavioral therapy, detox program,  inpatient rehab or intensive outpatient rehabilitation, sober living homes, etc. Those with more severe addiction may enter a withdrawal and detox program before moving on to a rehab center to help minimize or better manage withdrawal effects.

Often inpatient rehab is the most effective treatment for drug addiction, having higher success rates than other options. Rehabilitation offers the emotional and medically assisted support necessary to focus on getting sober without the distractions of daily life. The primary goal is recovery for the patient. Sober living is possible with help. If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, talk to a trusted medical professional to find the best recovery center or plan for your addiction treatment.

The Dangers of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a very dangerous drug. It is considered an opioid and is made from morphine. Although morphine is derived from poppy plants, it is anything but natural. Heroin works by entering the brain quickly and binding to opioid receptors in brain cells. These receptors affect pain, pleasure, heart rate control, sleeping, and breathing. Because of these very strong effects, heroin is extremely addicting. The dangers of a heroin addiction are vast. Here is a closer look.

Repeated and long-term heroin use physically changes the brain. These physiological changes can create imbalances in hormone systems that are not always reversible. The changes in the brain can alter your decision-making ability, behavior, mood regulation, and stress responses.

When you use heroin often, your tolerance will quickly increase. This means you will need more and more of the drug to feel the same number of effects. This greatly increases your chances of a dangerous and potentially fatal overdose. A greater tolerance also means that you could feel uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms with smaller amounts. This cycle of needing more and more of the drug quickly leads to an addiction and ultimately causes many health concerns.

Heroin withdrawal is medically dangerous, making it nearly impossible to quit the drug on your own. Symptoms of heroin withdrawal include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, sleeplessness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, hot and cold flashes, and body jerks. Withdrawal symptoms can set in as soon as 12 hours of discontinuing use, and peak within 24-48 hours. Medical attention is entirely necessary during the withdrawal process.

Signs of Heroin Addiction

The signs of heroin addiction might be subtle at first, and may only grow more obvious as the addiction worsens. But if you have a teenager who is using heroin, your primary goal should be to spot the problem quickly and get them the help they need to be successful in recovery. Early intervention is key for lasting sobriety. At Atlantic Recovery Center, we want to make sure you and your teen have the help and support you need to overcome heroin addiction. We understand that it’s not easy to reach out and admit to an addiction, and it might be even harder to admit that your teenager has an addiction problem. But reaching out is important, and it’s a valuable first step toward getting healthy again and having a life and a future that’s clean and sober. Before contacting an opioid addiction treatment center, learn more about the signs of heroin addiction in teenagers.

The Signs of Heroin Addiction Aren’t Always Obvious

In teenagers, the most common signs of heroin addiction can include the following:

  • Changing their friend group
  • Skipping school
  • Appearing drugged or dazed
  • Failing grades
  • Losing weight

However, the signs of addiction can vary from person to person. You know your child best. Exhibiting these behaviors doesn’t necessarily mean they have a heroin addiction. Still, these kinds of issues in your teenager should be cause for concern and it’s worth investigating to find out what the problem is and how to solve it. If they are struggling with opioid addiction, they need addiction treatment programs. If there are other issues they’re facing, getting to the bottom of the issue can help you get them the treatment they need. Through early intervention, your teen can find the path to recovery.

Getting Proper Help For a Heroin Addiction

For most people, willpower alone is not enough to overcome opioid addiction. These issues are unlikely to resolve themselves. If your teen is exhibiting the signs of heroin addiction, your first step should be to find effective, high-quality treatment. Through a professional addiction treatment center, your teen can develop the healthy coping skills and strategies they need. As a parent, you need to make sure your teen gets treatment for any addiction they’re facing. That can help them feel better about their future, and give them back a life that’s healthy and happy. A clean and sober future is a better future, and when a problem is caught quickly at a young age it’s often easier to fix than it would be if it went on for a long time or wasn’t treated. We want to make sure your teen gets proper care. Some of the ways we can help with that include:

  • Individualized approach
  • Professional addiction treatment
  • Smaller, more intimate facility
  • Newly added residential program
  • Focus on aftercare

There are many signs of heroin addiction, and whether your teen is showing them or they have other behaviors you’re concerned about it’s important to get them the help and support they need to live a better life in recovery. Don’t ignore the signs of heroin addiction, as it’s very important to get your teen help quickly so they can get past their addiction and back to living their life. Breaking a heroin addiction can be hard, and it can take time. That’s why it’s so important to get started right away.

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