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Support System for Recovery

Your support system gives you the encouragement you need to work your program after you return home. At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, we create a support system for recovery through our licensed therapists and attentive staff, as well as group therapy sessions with your peers.

Support System for Recovery

If you are in recovery for a substance abuse disorder, you may find it difficult to go through the process on your own. While at Atlantic Recovery Center, you’re surrounded by medical staff and therapists. However, once you return home you have to build your own support system for recovery.  

We have a family therapy program that includes your loved ones in your recovery. This helps them learn how to support your abstinence from drugs and alcohol after you finish your addiction treatment program.

Building Your Support Network

Don’t be too stubborn to seek assistance when you need it. The first step involves admitting that you can’t handle everything on your own. Asking for love and support shows your commitment to the process and awareness of your condition.

After you identify and recruit your support system for recovery, clarify what you need from them. If you don’t know how to communicate your needs, additional therapy sessions for the whole family may help you clarify your thoughts.

Carefully assess the people you let into your inner circle. You may need to make edits to avoid surrounding yourself with any negativity.

Attend Recovery and Support Meetings

Your friends and family can provide accountability and understanding. However, you still need to develop a community of others in recovery. There are a few opportunities to do this. For example, you can join our alumni program and meet with other clients who have gone through the same recovery program.

Attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings can reinforce your work on the 12-step programs used in some of our rehabilitation programs. These programs offer a safe space where you can talk freely about your struggles without fear of judgment. In group settings, you can widen your support system for recovery and help others on their journey toward clean living.

Be Patient with Yourself

Time becomes an integral part of your support system for recovery. You didn’t develop a substance abuse disorder overnight, and it takes time to overcome your cravings. So, be patient with yourself and remember to use your tools from recovery to process your thoughts and feelings.

When you feel as if you’ve reached the end of your patience and strength, lean on the shoulders of those who’ve committed themselves to your recovery.

Don’t let addiction continue to dominate your actions. You worked hard to wean yourself off drugs and alcohol. So, don’t let them wedge their way back into your life.

Substance Abuse Recovery Center in Florida

At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, our experienced staff serves as your support system for recovery during the early stages of your sobriety or freedom from drugs. Contact us at 1-866-824-5193 today to find out how to sign up for our life-changing addiction treatment programs in Florida.