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trauma and substance abuse

How Trauma Can Influence Substance Abuse

Experts define trauma as a deeply disturbing experience. But if you’ve experienced trauma in your life, including sexual violence, domestic abuse, or childhood neglect, such a simple description seems underwhelming. Trauma is something that affects every area of your life. Subsequently, it may interrupt your sleep patterns or cause you to feel fear at the…

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Depression and Drug Abuse

At the Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida (one of the top South Florida treatment centers), our clients often have co-occurring issues with depression and drug abuse. Our dual diagnosis treatment program offers holistic and traditional approaches to help you overcome both disorders. Additionally, combined with our other treatment options, this gives you the best opportunity…

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Benzos and Alcohol

At Atlantic Recovery Center in Florida, we offer comprehensive addiction treatment programs for our clients. It is difficult enough to overcome one addiction. However, you may have a polysubstance use disorder with a dependency on more than one substance, such as benzos and alcohol. Learn the dangers of mixing these two drugs and how you…

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