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Trauma Informed Care in Davie, FL

Trauma informed care approaches treatment from the perspective that individuals seeking care may suffer from the effects of a traumatic event in their past. Atlantic Recovery Center provides an environment of healing to its clients. Our trauma informed care in Davie, FL looks to get to the root of their issues and support clients holistically versus just treating the more external signs of an addiction.

How Trauma Informed Care Works

Trauma affects a person’s sense of self and what they believe. It drives their motivations and behaviors, which can be self-destructive and harmful to those who care for them. Individuals suffering from trauma may have problems recognizing the depths of their issues, making it harder for them to absorb and accept professional help.

Instead of approaching a client from the perspective of “What is wrong with them?” a specialist trained in trauma informed care focuses more on what may have caused the behavior. Trauma informed care accounts for the trauma experienced by individuals in their past. That lower the chances of triggering more trauma symptoms in a client using more aggressive methods.

Five Principles of Trauma Informed Care

Five guiding principles form the framework of trauma informed care in facilities. Atlantic Recovery Center uses them to provide clients with a way of working through events in their past that are likely driving their addictive behavior.

  • Safety — Clients receive reassurance that they are safe both physically and emotionally while in our care.
  • Choice — Clients have the final say over what they do and the progress of their treatment.
  • Collaboration — Clients work together with our mental health professionals to share power and form a partnership to work toward the individual’s recovery. Individuals have a say in their treatment plan and in evaluating various services offered by our facility.
  • Trustworthiness — We work to earn our client’s trust by being transparent, consistent, and setting boundaries to ensure they receive professional treatment.
  • Empowerment — Clients find power and strength through learning skills and validation of their positive choices.

Essential Component of Trauma Informed Care at Atlantic Recovery Center

Our facility uses the trauma informed care approach as a way of promoting real change in our clients. We examine how trauma drives a patient’s actions along with other co-occurring mental disorders.

Therapists use a trauma-informed approach to enforce the principles outlined above. Clients receive education on how past trauma affects our present state. We promote positive, healthful outcomes, both physically and mentally.

Clients gain an understanding of the impact their trauma has on their decision-making process. They learn techniques and skills designed to manage triggering events and avoid going into another spiral of drugs and alcohol.

Other Services We Provide

Clients benefit from trauma-informed care by being better able to explore and absorb other addiction treatment and therapy services offered by Atlantic Recovery Center. We provide a variety of different therapies geared at promoting change and healing in our clients.

  • Residential Treatment Program — Clients live as residents at our Davies, FL treatment center. Everyone receives individualized attention focused on giving clients the best chance at recovery.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program — The partial hospitalization program runs Monday through Saturday. Patients receive treatment during the day and go home at night. It provides many of the benefits of a residential treatment program with more flexibility for the client.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program — The outpatient treatment program at Atlantic Recovery Center follows a similar structure to the residential treatment program. Individuals live at home while exploring the therapy options available at our facility.

Taking a trauma informed care approach helps us gain a better understanding of our clients. It keeps us from overlooking any underlying problems that could push them toward a relapse after leaving treatment.

Learn more about Atlantic Recovery Center, and our trauma informed care provided in Davie, FL by calling 1-866-824-5193.