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Warning Signs of an Anxiety Attack

Have you ever had an anxiety attack? If you have, you know how debilitating it can be. Anxiety attacks can be downright scary. When that happens, you lose control. You struggle with being able to communicate what your needs are. In those moments, you don’t know what you can do to get through them. It may be possible to recognize when you are going to have an anxiety attack as a way to reduce those risks. Yet, anxiety treatment is a better option for preventing them from occurring. To learn more, reach out to Atlantic Recovery Center for support.

How Can You Know When an Anxiety Attack Is Likely?

There is no way to know when an anxiety attack is going to occur. However, if you have had them before, you may be able to notice some of the early warning signs that one is coming. This may allow you to work through the thoughts going through your mind and to reduce negative outcomes. There are a few things to look for to see that you’re at risk:

  • Your breathing rate increases
  • Sweating or trembling occurs
  • A sudden fear of loss of control comes over you
  • You’re shaking
  • Your heart is pounding

These are all situations that typically lead to an anxiety attack. Let’s say you’ve experienced this before. Your goal is to try and prevent an attack from occurring.

When you start to sense your mind speeding up its function to where you seem to be thinking about many things in a short period of time, try to take a deep breath. If you feel like your heart is racing, take another deep breath. Focus on counting slowly backward from 20. Taking these steps during those early warning periods may help to calm your mind and reduce your risk of a full-blown attack.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

While taking steps to reduce the risk of an anxiety attack is important, that does not mean that’s enough. Your goal should be to stop these from occurring at all. That may mean getting help for your mental health.

Let our team help you through one of our therapy sessions. We offer a range of therapies that can help you to learn how to control your negative thoughts and minimize the onset of anxiety symptoms. This may include:

No matter what you’re facing, the goal you should have is to work through the reason you’re experiencing anxiety. That is done through trauma therapy.

What Can Anxiety Therapy Do for You?

Recognizing the warning signs of an anxiety attack is a good thing. Knowing you need mental health treatment is also important. What happens in anxiety therapy that can help with this?

During anxiety treatment, a key component of our goal is to help you understand what’s occurring and why. That means working out the underlying concerns you have. It may also mean discussing the risks you face each day or the stressors that push you too far. Sometimes, there is trauma that needs to be dealt with before you can find relief. In our therapy programs, we give you tools to help you avoid both the anxiety attack and the underlying cause.

Are You Ready to Gain Control? Turn to Atlantic Recovery Center for Help

If you deal with anxiety attacks often, you may need help to manage your mental health. Do not overlook the importance of seeking out additional therapy and support to guide you in your healing. You don’t have to deal with anxiety every day of your life. Instead, check out the anxiety treatment we offer at Atlantic Recovery Center. Call us now at 1-866-824-5193.