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What Are Designer Drugs?

Designer drugs are a specific classification of drugs manufactured in a way to avoid legal processes. Often called party drugs, these are synthetic substances often designed to create very specific outcomes and experiences. They are highly dangerous. They also commonly lead to substance abuse. If you are using these drugs and you’re unsure how to get help, we can provide you with the support you need at Atlantic Recovery Center.

How Are Designer Drugs Made?

Designer drugs are produced without proper development to ensure they are safe to use. They are synthetic drugs by classification, which means they are typically produced in a lab setting, formal or otherwise. The goal of these drugs tends to be to create a psychological effect or experience, but there is no testing and no process to ensure that using them is safe. Without any standards like this, it is very common for individuals to experience negative outcomes.

These drugs are made around the world, not just in homemade labs. This includes areas of Europe, North America, Australia, and specifically in East Asia. No matter where they are made, they are dangerous to consume and can often lead to addiction, along with significant physical reactions. They are not safe to use even if they are marketed as such. Some will even be labeled “not for human consumption” even though they are used in this manner.

What Are Some Designer Drugs?

You may hear them called party drugs in some situations. In all cases, they go by various slang terms when used. Some of the drugs you may encounter include:

  • U-47700 – Sometimes called U4 or pink, this drug is a very potent synthetic opioid
  • K2 or spice – A synthetic marijuana that has a very strong psychoactive chemical makeup
  • Flakka – Somewhat like bath salts, but is dangerous for the overdose risks
  • Bath salts – They tend to create significant psychological changes and hallucinations

What Could Happen To You If You Use Designer Drugs?

The outcome of designer drugs can range widely. Some people take them and have a significant psychological break. They may develop hallucinations or delirium. Many of these drugs have a short-term high to them, which can be powerful. That’s what leads people back to using the drugs numerous times. As they do, the health challenges they face increase.

There is always a risk of overdose with these drugs. Since there is no proper formulation on them, and they sometimes can involve toxic levels of chemicals, it is possible for you to have a serious side effect. This may include things like seizures, cognitive function decline, memory problems, and addiction problems.

What Can You Do If You Are Using These Drugs?

If you are using party drugs or designer drugs now, it is important to reach out for help. You may be experiencing substance abuse. Our team can provide you with the support you need to finally get healthy and gain more control over your health and future. Even though it may seem safe, these drugs are putting your life on the line. Atlantic Recovery Center offers a variety of addiction treatment programs:

Find Help at Atlantic Recovery Center

Are you using designer drugs? You may be having a very hard time overcoming the consequences of these drugs. Our team at Atlantic Recovery Center offers a variety of tools and treatment options to help those using party drugs. You just need to reach out to us for help. Do that today. Call our counselors at 1-866-824-5193 to learn how we can help.